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Nov 9, 2008
Did anyone see the make up demo`s he did yesterday? I don`t know if it was my TV or not but both models looked better before he made them up!!!
I doubt anyone watching would have been rushing to buy going off how he made them up..`high definition` and `corrective` were the buzz words and I couldn`t see that either would apply!
Ah Jerome or Mr.Humpa Lumpa as we call him.

When I watch I keep thinking he is a plaster not a makeup artist. He slaps the makeup on like plastering a wall. He grabs and pokes the models, I am always surprised they can find anyone to work with him.:54:
I think he is well past his prime and a danger to the models, when he swishes his mascara brush against their eyelashes i am always in fear he will poke them in the eye, l think he can no longer see what he is doing and so does not realise what a mess he makes of the make up, shadow in clumps on ther lids and sometimes up the side of their nose, far too much face powder and all in all an awful effect. He should let a youger make up artist demonstrate his products as he seems to still have the attitude of the sixties when make up was troweled on the face.
I think he just looks like a characature!....and yes, I agree, he's really heavy handed...having said that, I've bought quite a lot of his make up, and applied at home by yourself, it's pretty good quality stuff!
I am always under the impression that Mr Jerome can't see very well, sometimes I think the presenters are quite embarrassed at the before and after shots of the models.

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