I've joined the blue/black diamond cluster club!


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Its a spade!
Jun 25, 2008
And bought a few other bits too - just so the ring didn't get lonely in transit you understand!

I can understand why you love the blue/black diamond cluster ring so much - its really pretty irl isn't it!

I will get OH to take some piccies of my haul, but I have been naging him since Sunday and still he's not picked the camera up (probably after taking the 'face' photo of me and me screaming in despair at the image that glared back at me!!!) But I'll keep nagging and hope to have some photos soon!
Welcome to the club!!

It is stunning, I am glad you like it. Love to see pics, so hope you persuade OH soon. I've got some pics of my lastest haul to do, might do it now!
It certainly is a pretty ring. I wear it a lot but have just noticed a crack on one of the black diamonds!!!!!!!

Look forward to seeing pictures soon Debsie.
It is a stunner isn't it?! I adore mine and wear it at every possible opportunity! One of my fav pieces, it's always admired, people don't believe me when I tell them what I paid for it.
Well done Debsie, even tho' I don't own one, I can appreciate what a pretty ring it is.


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