It's voucher time again.....


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Jun 24, 2008
On the phone/not the web!
Voucher Time Again

I just found this website/forum and I'm soooo glad I'm not alone, I was beginning to think I'd been singled out for particularly bad service from IW.

Did anyone actually manage to use this voucher? I stupidly bought something during the required period but when calling later to use the voucher was told I only had a 10% discount applied to my account. So, I'd have to spend £100 just to get £10 off????????

Still reading through all the previous posts, am in sympathy with all of you!!
Voucher Time Again

I did actually manage to use this voucher - twice. I placed two separate orders on 27th September both over £30. I then placed two separate orders on 2nd October. The first one was for £51.39 and I was charged £41.39 using the first voucher. The second order was for £30.39 and I was charged £20.39 using the second voucher. The orders had to be placed by telephone and not In First or on the web site. When I mentioned the vouchers to the call centre staff, they acknowledged them and deducted the £10 each time. I am sorry to hear you did not have the same success.
I had no trouble using this voucher. I think my order, using the voucher, was for something like £21.00 and I only paid £11.00. As the poster above says, you do have to order on the phone and not online. I did double check the total I would be paying with the person on the phone, and checked my CC statement, and it all went through fine.


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