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I put an item in my basket on Saturday evening but then changed my mind about it, not a problem - I assumed it would expire overnight and be gone next day. WRONG!! :HUMP: The bliddy thing's still there so Sunday and Monday I emailed CS (twice) and have also spoken to them to get it removed but it's STILL THERE!! :TANTRUM: Just what do I have to do to get a simple request like this actioned?? :mad: What with this and their bliddy fast track deliveries that just don't work, I'm getting really hacked off. :pPC:
I have an item stuck in there from yesterday so i thought i would bid on something else to see if it would let me have more than one item and it did now i have 2 blooming items in there!
I wonder how many items you can have in there now and for how long?
It won't even let me do that, not that I want to, but I already tried it anyway. :pPC:
Its so strange how its different for everyone! and i recently found out i have 2 accounts so half my orders are listed in one account and the other half in the other, the computer couldn't cope when i changed my email address!
:YAY: The thing in my basket has finally disappeared in the last 10 minutes. Mind you I did send another stroppy email to CS yesterday, but I'm sure it's just a coincidence as they ignore emails anyway. :rolleyes: :pPC:

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