It is only yogurt for gods sake!


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Jun 24, 2008
Was playing a game on the computer but had QVC on in the background, there was Pippa and Gilly were going about easi-yo wa almost evangelical.
It may just be me but I have only tried the drinking ones and I was not keen on the mango one and I got feed up of having the mixed berry.So went back to shop ones.
I thought exactly the same about two women in a virtually orgasmic state over yoghurt on Ideal World yesterday.
I think that's where they got the yoghurt from too sure it was an Ideal prduct first.
I've just bought easi-yo for the first time but from Lakeland and not QVC, it is really nice but not worth doing all the ooh-ing and ahh-ing over. It is nicer than shop bought yoghurt imo - but not the life changing substance shopping TV makes it out to be!

The worst one for that was Dennice on Ideal World when she was tasting the stuff and was licking the spoon in an overtly sexual manner, lol - was nauseating... :lol: and they keep showing the clip over and over again,which ends with Shaun asking her whether she'd like to have a private party with him and the yoghurt...:eek::rolleyes:
That stuff is fattening because it contains tons of hidden sugar. I stick with Ski.
Was plenty of overt licking last night.

My favourite line was "Imagine you are having a wedding and you made all the yoghurt yourself, you could tell everyone !!!" Well I have yet to attend a wedding awash in the stuff, suppose you could have it mentioned in the speeches though :confused:
Easi Yo

I didn't know that you could make cream cheese with it Would you mind telling me how you do that ? I'm thinking of my fajitas here !

Put the camp chef Paul :pB: in there and i would pay to see that :D
Whatever floats your boat..... :cool: :lol1:.

I didn't know that you could make cream cheese with it Would you mind telling me how you do that ? I'm thinking of my fajitas here !

Oh yum! I'd like to know that as well!

Maybe then I'd get some use out of it, as I didn't like the yoghurt it makes.
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Had it on in the backround while I was cooking dinner, thought they were talking about something like chocolate with all the ooohing and arrrrring.

I thought Pippa looked abit tatty today wish she'd do something more adventurous with the hair!!!!!!!!

You can mock but Easiyo really has changed my life!

The reduced fat/slimmers ones contain hardly sugar at all. In fact all the ones I have are quite tarty. My sister's son is diabetic and it is the only kind of yogurt she has ever come across that she doesn't have to include in his carbs or whatever it is that affects his insulin intake.

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