Is It My Imagination?


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Nov 9, 2008
Or is there a stone missing in the Puzzle Ring (684732 - sorry, cant do links) on the video on this link? Right above where it says Diamonique in the bottom corner?

Its sure to be removed as soon as another presenter shows the ring so if anyone can look to tell me whether I am seeing things Id be very grateful.

You're 2.31mins to 2.37mins, there is clearly a stone missing on the lower right hand corner. I don't think they've spotted it yet...we'll soon find out if they keep an eye on if it gets removed, hee hee! Make no wonder this ring only got 1 star in the customer reviews.
You have eagle eye BetLynch, well done.
I also heard that you have to be a Nan to wear it??????????
Well that's me not buying it then!!!!!!:52:
Thank you girls, it looked really obvious on the TV repeat this morning but couldnt see it as well on the laptop screen.

I heard the bit about Nan' many doting grandmothers do you think 'jumped to the phones' so they could delight their grandchildren by letting them play with their Diamonique puzzle?

Wish they were as quick telling you the star rating when it is as low as this one is. There are many who don't have the benefit of the tinternet to look this sort of thing up but it doesn't get a mention if the rating is below 4.5 it seems!

And thanks Sazza for putting in the link :40:.

I remember seeing a jewellery show a few weeks again where the presenter noticed that there was a stone missing from the ring she was showing. She reassured the viewers that they wouldn't get one with one less stone. Hopefully, they didn't. ;)

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