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Jun 29, 2008
...I see Charlie Brooks is launching the 'Indigo Moon' TSV and it got me thinking. Was there a genuine shortage of female presenters or were they avoiding this show as they would have to wear the clothes? I QVC make any attempt to match the show to the presenter? Some like crafts and make a point of presenting them...but do any of the presenters like the fashion, are QVC finding it hard to find a presenter that wants to do these shows? I'll be watching just to see if Charlie can enthuse about this range, that's my kind of entertainment.

(So sorry to offend anybody who likes this range of clothing, it's just 'not my cup of tea' but I'm sure those who wear this stuff would hate my preferred choice of clothing and find it very boring, so feel free to avoid this thread if it upsets you.)
We've all got different tastes and it's a good job or we'd be weird clones or something , so I hope I can say without getting throttled that it's possibly the most hideous range I've ever seen in my life! It's like clown clothing.:29: It must be popular or they wouldn't keep showing it, but I don't think I've ever seen anybody wearing it in real life. Maybe there's special places Indigo moonies go to flaunt their apparel! (Dark, dark places.....)
I was at one of our local theatres a couple of months ago and I'm sure someone was wearing actually looked very smart on them but it wasn't my cup of tea.

I suppose it qualifies for a "dark place".......once the lights are dimmed!!!!! :3:
I bought a jacket once, the lime green one with pink and blue bits - I think it was a TSV.
It was a good fit and I thought I would wear it in the summer.
Two summers came and went without it being worn so I sold it on ebay - still with it's tags.

I really like some of the chenille jackets and the long duster coats but there isn't really anywhere I could wear them in the UK. Caribbean cruise, holidays in Florida maybe...
My aunt has one of the jackets for going out to special places and I have to say she looks good in it. Not that I want one, but she really does looks great in it.
Though I did think the 'Printed & Beaded V Neck Kaftan' was in rather pretty colours (sort of pinks & khakis)!
*clamps hand over mouth in horror at the thought but too late, I already thought it!* :11:
Our local Red Cross shop used to sell brand new, tagged, Indigo Moon clothes. It reminded me of the sort of thing 60-year-old hippies would buy to attend a wedding or somewhere else they had to look smart. It would sit on the racks for months, unsold, even at charity shop prices.
I hated all their stuff hideous for years but in a moment of madness I located a gem in all that tat they sell, and bought a pink jacket which looks fab with white or denim jeans. (This was when I realised my QVC addiction was serious and I needed professional help). I'll hunt out the item number or a photo later so you can see what I mean.
My aunties in their seventies just love it - it appeals to a certain woman I think - although not that certain who they all are.

I once bought a TSV from IM and it looked like I was wearing a smoking jacket - it went back, it was worth it for the laugh for OH and me!:21:
I have some IM jackets but have to say I think that recently they have lost the plot a bit (don't all roll around laughing) I am a lady of a certain age and definitely big. What I like about IM is that the jackets are bold and bright and don't give the impression that I am trying to hide!!
I don't wear them all the time...usually for nights out, and always get compliments...two of the jackets in particular get "tried on" whenever I wear them.
btw yes I am an ex hippy!!!

I do like some of their stuff... the V-necked t-shirt on the TSV is OK, but not so keen on the round-necked one.

Trouble is you can get similar stuff cheaper elsewhere.

The jackets are nice, but as sheilaj says, more for evening wear imho.

Ditto Sheilaj. I to am a lady of a certain age and far to big for my own good.
I have to say that I cant stand the majority IM but the three jackets I have
I do love. I have also received plenty of compliments from people when
at evening do's which is admittedly the only time I wear them.
Did anybody hear the T-caller last night? She said when she wore her IM she had been approached by three different men when she was having a drink in a bar...they each said she was gorgeous, hmmmmm....maybe I need to rethink? :54:

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