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Apr 15, 2009
... with tjc's range of silver + platinum clad silver bracelets! What do you all think of them and what have you bought?

My 'birthday pressie to myself' last month was a green apatite and tanzanite bracelet (£49) that I absolutely LOVE. It looks fantasic alongside my swiss blue topaz ring.

I've also been sorely tempted by a tanzanite tennis bracelet at £79 (hesitated & missed it), another green apatite bracelet (ditto), an amethyst one (£29, 'I really shouldn't...'), a multi-gemstone one (£69... oooh) and a platinum-clad RUBY and topaz - GOT IT!

I bid on the web at £69 but when it entered my basket it was £49 so I was well-pleased.

I could have bought 4 or 5 bracelets in the last two days. It's so great they are offering these lovely bracelets at amazing prices. The last ruby bracelet I saw (on tjc) that I wanted to buy was over £1000... I've given up any hope of getting one for less than £500. Can't believe I've ordered one for £49 - can't wait for it to arrive!

Full marks again to tjc for great value. :clapping:
I briefly saw a multi gem one this morning RubyRose, and thought how pretty it was, and a good price for the carat weight, not surprised you're so taken with them.
I've seen the multi sapphire bracelet in this range go for £69 several times and I was really tempted but wasn't logged in to their website at the time and I can't be arsed to phone. :pPC:
Full marks to TJC for bringing affordable bracelets to the masses.I have seen quite a few at great prices.Glad you are pleased with your recent aquisitions Rubyrose:cool2:
They are fabulous value RubyRose - I got the multi-gem one and am chuffed to bits with it. The colours are lovely and it sparkles like mad :grin:

I also got a pink amethyst one which is very pretty and am now on the lookout for the apatite one, to go with the necklace I grabbed in clearance this morning for 34.95.


Have to confess to having gone a bit bonkers on TJC over the last few weeks (have discovered a serious diamond addiction) and my CC is going to have to go into hiding very shortly (just as soon as this clearance moment is over :giggle: )

I will attempt piccies very shortly - I may even manage to get some where you can tell what the jewellery is ....
Can't wait to see your pics, Flossie! Your purchases sound lovely. Must admit I'm very tempted by the multi-gem one (amethyst, citrine etc) - kicking myself for missing it yesterday, but it - or something very similar (the item number is different) - is in the web 'brochure' at £69...

My ruby bracelet arrived within three days. It's lovely - just as pretty as it looked on-screen and the rubies are well-matched and a gorgeous red. The design gives it an 'antiquey' feel, which I love. (Still can't believe I've got a ruby bracelet for £49!)

Also on my bracelet wish-list is tanzanite, iolite and amethyst... I am supposed to be saving up to get my loose tanz gemstone set, but not doing very well so far!!!

Don't forget to show us your piccies, Flossie!

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