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Jul 22, 2008
In the UK
This looks.....erm, fun :54:

I was watching Shaun having a go on it last night, maybe it's my warped sense of humour or what but I couldn't stop laughing :D God knows what he was doing with his arms and hands, but I'm guessing he's been in that position before, a few times by the looks of it :22: at one point my other half said that by the look on Shauns face the next shot will be of him smoking a fag...don't!!

I laughed again when the fitness woman said she wouldn't let chef Paul on it untill she knew his weight!....apparently he loved being on it, what will the lodger think:22:
Sounds very much like the bucking toilet they featured on QVC about a year ago. Caused a lot of hilarity.
Saw one of these in John Lewis the other day and I would have loved to have a go but it was in a very exposed area on the shop floor and I knew I would make a spectacle of myself.......:3:

Do you think "you-know-who" could actually get on it? Don't think side-saddle would do her any good really but I suppose that position would be better than nothing....................:54:

Oh, my imagination's running riot!!
What a sight to behold...a lady of ...errrr ample proportions, billowing kaftan and sweating profusely in emelia slimming garments busting at the seams, I may never get over it, abit like you know who and the iJoy ride :54:

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