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Jan 4, 2009
Hi I have been reading this forum for a while it always makes me laugh. I love the fashion pics you put up (that really makes me laugh) This site was also the one I found out that watters had died tragic. Everyone (presenters) moves around in the shopping channel world I just thought he was doing something else. IW seems to have lost many products they used to have and I've noticed you're not big fans of iw, anyway I noticed that the other day nigel iw (he always mentions the forum) had said his mother had passed away he was always talking about her such a shame and with all the repeats its hard to keep up sometimes.
First of all......welcome mitzimog! :1:

So sorry to read such sad news in your first post. Poor Nigel, my thoughts go out to him and the rest of his family.
:57: Welcome

I'm glad you like the fashion threads :22:

That is sad about Nigel's mum, poor guy

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