I wish Dennis Basso would cough or clear his throat!


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Jun 24, 2008
I haven't watched his programmes before, although I know that he's not at all popular on here, but he is SO annoying to listen to with his hoarse, catarrhy voice. Does anyone else think so or am I just being picky? :cheeky:
I think many of us would be quite happy for him to choke on that frog in his throat but we're not watching.
I wish someone would slit it. :mad: Unfortunately a much quicker death than the suffering of all the beautiful creatures he has slaughtered to line his pockets. :mad:
I don't tune in on the days he is on. Don't know if they can see viewing figures with the wonders of computer contraptions or not but at least if they can they see less viewers those days.

Vile bloke - only upside is that he does sound like he might croak.
I've done without my qvc fix today and haven't really missed it. Like others here ,I've decided not to watch it on the days he's on. A small, maybe unnoticed stand, but what else can we do? :sad:
I turned QVC on a couple of times today just out of habit, normally I'd leave it on but, when I saw it was him it went straight off, my little protest. :mad:
I don't watch QVC any more, full stop. while they accommodate that vile man, my hard earned money will go elsewhere.

I can't print what I wish would happen to that man but a dodgy throat would be the least of his troubles!

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