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Jul 7, 2008
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Having just been trying the last TSV from Smashbox mainly to give the highly rated Halo a go, I got sucked straight in, I was very quickly coming to the conclusion that it is no better than all others but what it does have is a fantastic case which does not spill, take note Bare Escentuals, it was hyped at being worth £39+ with all the other stuff free, usual tack from QVC, we all fall for it, the fact that I have noticed that alot of the make-up TSV's are nudging well up to the £40 mark when Smashbox and Laura Geller were always in the late twenties is also getting to me and the fact that they seem to be padded out with on the whole not great colours as extras and another eye liner brush, oops going off on a tangent here but what I really wanted to say is why are we falling for the prices they quote, I have just looked at a cosmetic site and even the top names like Chanel for example with their far superior packaging and of course a bit more umph when you pull it out in front of a friend do not have a compact foundation OVER £30 and thats RRP not on offer or with a free gift that you get in larger dept stores at times, all I can say is thank heavens for the money back guarentee..Perhaps as I'm sure has been suggested there should be a qvc annon !! for the record I try to not stay up later to catch the TSV's, even pretending the dog needs a wee if its a good one though thankfully they have been a bit dull for weeks now, I am beginning to see the light at the end and the power it has over me is fading !!
I know what you mean butterfly. Before we started being 'hypnotised' as you say by QVC how many of us would have spent over £40 in one go on make-up!! :aargh:

And not only that but then continue to do it on a regular basis for years, eagerly awaiting the next one! OMG when I think about it, if I took all the money I have spent on make-up TSVs over the years I could have treated myself and bought items from really top quality brands that I know I would use.

Instead I've got drawers full of bits of TSVs that I didn't like/want - funny coloured eyeshadows and blushers, garish lipsticks, vile nail polish etc and I will never need to buy a make-up or toiletries bag again!!!! :LS:
They sell - they sell well, and we fall for it. Mark of a good seller is to persuade you without you realising that you need or want something you didn't even know existed five minutes before and that's what they do!

The longer we watch - hopefully - the wiser we become! I am still first class mug!
You are all so right. TSVs used to be really good value for money and prices were often around the £20 mark. I am much more cautious now and I am put off big time by TSVs with lots of little sample size items. I am determined to clear my home of all that clutter. In any case, the way my food shopping bill has gone through the roof means something must be really special for me to spend £40+ on beauty items. Depressing isn't it!
I only buy TSVs I really know I want now. As for the Smashbox, I did know the colours in it and knew I would use them. QVC UK have been getting Smashbox really cheapy compared to what you pay at a counter here. The reaaon is because QVC US do the buying on their behalf so get them at their prices. This one was really expensive on QVC US as well compared to normal TSV prices.

Philosophy is really expensive here to buy compared to buying in America.

Chanel to be honest is not really that expensive makeup wise, foundations around £24 or so, which the norm for brands like Dior, Givenchy etc. Its nothing to do with the packaging which appart from YSL gold is usually quite plain. Now if you want to know what expensive is look at Sisley their foundation is £54 just plain glass bottle, lip pencil £25.

I refuse to get pulled in by QVC for quite some time now and their exclusive to us etc carp. I think before I buy carefully, and even look on ebay to see what things are going for there.
Now if you want to know what expensive is look at Sisley their foundation is £54 just plain glass bottle, lip pencil £25.

Sadly I can vouch for these prices as after being tempted by this brand by cough *donna*

I bought both of these items( at those prices) and have to say that I still consider it money well spent and will defo repurchase.

If I curtailled all the beauty sh1te that I purchase from QVC I could have a make up bag whose contents would be the envy of many :54::54::54::54:
I LOVE MY SMASHBOX TSV I do agree there is a lot of brainwashing going on and I often have to give myself a good talking too :) but I still think the Smashbox one is fab.

I love the halo and it is 20G loads bigger in content that any other compact foundation I've ever come across so i think it's good value for money.

I love the cast detail highlighter

I adore the eyeshadows, blush. mini kabuki - not tried the lipgloss yet.

I sold the primer as I'm too lazy to use but I am sure it's great. I am selling the liner and brush again due to my sheer laziness when it comes to applying eyeliner however looking at it the colour is beautiful.

I got the Delceor TSV for my mum for her bday recently and she is very pleased with that.

Have to say I don't recall buying any other TSVs for yonks.
Go on then, Jabba, tell us what would be in it.

Although I dont skimp on my products, I use the YSL mascara, Clinique lipstick etc.etc. I would definitely splurge out on a LOT of Sisleys cosmetics which quite frankly are as Donna states 'expensive' but are absolutely superb

However,when I consider what I spend in a month on QVC, I could without a doubt own and use a lot more of the Sisley range and probably still be 'in pocket' :54::54::54:
hi butterfly. i think the problems arise with items where you cannot compare the shop prices as the items are either made for qvc i.e northern nights and some of the sales patter of actively putting people off going to the shops is quite a hard sell technique.
with the N.N bedding you are really not comparing like for like as the fabrication and finish i not the same as buying flannel or high thread count from a good department store which will cost you nearly double.
l'occitane and molton brown are rightly poular tsv's as you can see straight off if you are getting a bargain as they have shops which sell at the full price.
other tsvs that have proven many times to be a disappointment are the technology. i watch them for the demos and know that i can normally get a better deal on the net or even the high street.
sometimes qvc reminds me of those door to door sales men that wont leave your home until you sign on the dotted line lol specilally when they have read this site and are actively spouting venom on their shows when you disagree with them alison young and the snarling suzie adams are a case in point why cant you wash your beddin at a high temperature if its preshrunk and exceptional quality ooooppppppS!!!!!
Snoozie says wash at 30 but i buy king size and wash at 60 and the flannel and its never shrunk, i think they say that to cover themselves and also, i never use fabric conditioner only on the flannel as i like crisp sheets.
I only now buy the TSV in like L`occitane or decleor and i buy my smashbox from ebay now as single items because i dont need some of the stuff in them and neither does everyone else so they sell it to me lol that way we all save a bit.
I was absolutely flabbergasted at the last Markon TSV as i thought they looked like boats and pilgrim quaker shoes and hideous and reading some of the reviews i can see others still can`t get the right size. This Markon issue needs to be addressed as people will stop buying them. They also need to sort out the Centigrade coat where the buttons felll off. I had a phone call from them asking me about the buttons falling off when i had already put it on the returns slip and the woman said "obviously we can not check every coat to see if these buttons come off that we send out" Well , obviously QVC, YOU DO NEED TO CHECK !!!
Enough people have said the same thing about this coat !

The stuff i have mainly wasted money on over the years are those scarflace things. Nylon rubbish and i was sold by the hard sell patter of Moira Clutton. I am glad they have a website now as I can sit and add stuff to my shopping cart and then leave them in the "cart" and remove them after half an hour. My philosophy is "If in doubt, take it out!"
Its saving me money now. I also don`t buy this hard sell ploy from the likes of Anne Dawson who is always saying we only have 10 left so hurry up and get on the phone. In fact, Anne Dawson gets on my nerves along with Clare Sutton and now recently AY and AK . I like Julian and the men better and I do like Catherine , Clowdia and Julia more than the others as they are calmer and I especially like Julia when she is with Glen Campbel and Michele Hope as there always seems an atmosphere when Julia is presenting with MH .:53:
In relation to the NN's Bedding-I buy SK size and have found no problem with the Flannel-love it :) but sets other than Flannel I have had problems with shrinkage and colour fading at 40c wash (I hadn't looked at the care label-silly me :34: because I "thought" I remembered that whoever was presenting said they could be washed at 40c :12:) I took them out and the colour had faded and they had also shrunk-pillow cases, bottom sheet everything :12:

Now to my mind Bed Linen should be washed at a higher temperature than 30c but that's me :31:

But then I was hypnotised and bought again :54:

I'm also not sure of this "High Thread Count" sales pitch. I have bought "Department Store" Bed Linen with the same Thread Count as NN's and there is a world of a difference-for the better-and no problems washing at a high temp either :) I now would rather pay the money for good quality "Thread Count" as there appears to me that there is Thread and then there is Thread....

But if I hadn't watched QVC I wouldn't have known that Thread Counts even existed :5:

thank god someone else has sussed this thread count malarchy out. the reason why the darn duvet covers and pillowcases are so darn crushed is because the threads are tooooo th:1:in and makes the fabric flimsy and this is a cheap fabric. go along to fenwicks or john lewis and even good old m&s and look at the sheets.NN IS NOT COMPARING LIKE FOR LIKE. end of hypnosis session lol
All QVC have to do is put a diagonal red line through the "QVC Price" and put another price underneath @ 1% less, and our phone fingers take on a life of their own :53:

Thanks for reminding me boffy :1: It was after Christmas last year that I bought some M&S Duvet Sets in their Sale.

It was only when I got home and looked at the care instructions etc that I realised that they were a high Thread Count (can't say for sure what TC exactly but I do know it was high)

I was really surprised :eek: AND it was their own "Autograph" range that I had bought. They have a gorgeous silky feel and they are also great to wash and no problem with creasing etc-I don't iron them-I just fold them after they come out of the dryer.

As you say it's because the NN's thread is too thin and flimsy-anything can have a high TC but it depends on the Quality of the Thread ;)


(Just to add that I have no connection with M&S etc etc)

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