I need this.


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Jun 29, 2008
I need it..............I want it................I must have it....

I need someone who loves me enough to be kind and take pity on a very needy person.
That is quite stunning, im really into red coral, i bought a few bits while in Ibiza last year
If you need it then you must have it! I would say order it because you will not rest until you do. I have just watched the video presentation and it looks even better than it does in the picture.
Hi yazrose...go on, treat yourself! When you fall in love with a piece of jewellery, you'd kick yourself if you let it go.:)
Buy It Yazrose, I think you should treat yourself xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx It is right up your street
I am struggling with this, I need reading glasses, my two fluffy kittie owners need to have their teeth done also.
The two fluffy kitties must come first but if you get your reading glasses from Boots rather than the opticians it may just make the bangle a possibility?
if you want it you need it & you have to have it then buy it why tell us do you expect us to buy it for you :33:
I saw LOADS of things I needed on the Southwestern Silver shows! Sadly, my car needs taxing this month and my New Year Resolution of trying to be good and not making any impulse buys hasn't quite worn off yet. It is a lovely bangle Yazrose. How about keeping a note of the number and asking for it for your birthday or for some other event if it isn't a possibility at the moment?
keep a note of the item number Yazrose and then when you are feeling more flush then go for it, or what about asking your lovely mum if she would go halfs with you, or why not have it for Christmas.

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