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........ordered item 1031 today :yo:

I hope you like it. For the money it is great value it's not a Dyson but great for doing quick jobs and the free cleaners you get with it are really good quality!

Please let me know what you think and keep watching we have some new stuff next week and a new show around the 15th.

By the way the JML pen set is fantastic value cheaper than Asda and we give a free gift and the DVD Recorder/Player is fantastic value the cheapest one I could find was £54 so that's a snip at £28!:1:
I do like it, just what I needed. Compact and lightweight and does the job good enough for what I need. Haven't tried the wet part yet :32: but should be handy, like you said, for the shower cubicle.

The delivery time was great and the call centre lady was very pleasant. I'm very impressed and wish you the best of luck :yo:

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