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Aug 9, 2008
South Coast in sunny Sussex
Just a little story I thought you might find amusing...

I offered to send someone on here my freebie necklace because it wasn't really "me" and she said she'd like it...

Was about to pop it in a jiffybag to send - couldn't find it.....Turned the blinkin' house over looking...I'd photographed it to send her to see if she wanted it - along with taking pics of my other stuff. I'd then taken it out of its big box, but after that - a blank...I searched all my other Rocks boxes, under the chairs, nothing. Then I realised another necklace wasn't there...So it seemed logical that the freebie necklace would be in the box with that - but where was that box?

I should tell you I'm an art teacher, and often have to take things for the class to draw - last week they were practising drawing square boxes etc...and then I remembered I'd quickly picked up the box, with others, to take for that - it being a good square shape. I carry a lot of stuff for the classes in the back of the car - bags, boxes, crates - so I took all of that out and searched - nothing. :33:

So I went over to the college I take the class in - in the next town. Looked in the classroom and the cupboards - nothing. I didn't think anyone would have pinched it - it's "only" the pearl and shell necklace, not "valuable"... But I was really worried now, and upset, because not only had I lost my own necklace, but also the one the other person wanted...

So I got home, hung up my coat despondently...There was a carrier bag on the peg - and inside it, The Box...with my necklace in...and the freebie...and me with a red face...:10:
Don't worry Jacky, we all do things like that. I can't tell you the number of times I've put something somewhere 'safe' and then can't find it!!!!

ME 2 weve all done it , im still lookin for some pressies i hid last year!!that i put away safe .......:33:
Jacky, my sympathies! I reckon I spend a least half an hour every day looking for something I've put away "safely" .... it's a wonder I ever get anything done at all with all the searching I do......that lot on Time Team have nothing on me and my house searches :22::54:
...P.S. now then, you DO remember who it was you were to send the necklace to, don't you??
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Yes I do remember who it is lol! Even wrote down address on paper in case computer crashes...!

That lucky person who made jacky look and tidy all her house and classroom was me!!!!! jacky I have misplaces gifts/presents and had to go and get another only to find them a few days later!!!!

Oh I will treasure this gorgeous rose quartz necklace now.

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I seem to spend a lot of time looking for hidden treasure lol
I call them senior moments, trouble is they're getting more frequent the other annoying thing is when I get half way to another part of the bungalow and cant remember why i was going there in the first place and have to go back to where i've come from ,thank goodness i dont have stairs! lol

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