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Jun 24, 2008
I must say, I am extremely disappointed with today's pc tsv. I have a hp laptop and am happy with that for now, but when I do decide to upgrage, it will have to be a superior model to the one I have. The tsv ought to have a blueray player on it, fingerprint technology etc., to make it worth someone's while to trade up.
It is okay for a first pc, but for £900, one would expect a premium model. My laptop is only 18 months old and, when I do upgrade, it will certainly have to be a higher performing model than the one I have now which the tsv - apart from being touchscreenm which I don't particularly fancy, is not.
More people are opting, quite rightly IMO, for laptops; HP and QVC aren't really giving people an extra incentive to purchase it.
At least they've brought the p+p down, although £19.95 is still way too much!
When are they going to get it right?
Not interested either, it's main selling features are the 'all-in-one' aspect & the touchscreen technology, the latter doesn't interest me at all & I'd rather have a Mac for the former! lol
OK for a single person or a couple maybe but not a family PC, too expensive & too slow for gaming for a start!
I see this more of a second PC rather than an outright replacement. Blu-ray is a bit of joke anyway as the discs are more expensive and lightscribe is far more useful. Fingerprint tech is good, but in households it's just a pain trying to set it up.

Touchscreen tech is where the future is (see mobile phones) and that is the major cost at the moment. Once you start using it, you realise how bad the current navigation method is. Mice are so 1980's and Windows 7 will introduce touch to the masses. Wait until you see The Courier. Now that looks revolutionary. I'm not even going to consider buying a new laptop without touch capabilities. I've seen a video with using touch on media centre. Wow - makes programming a video look like programming in assembler!

I'll say something here which is a touch controversial: you reckon that you need a higher performing PC than your laptop. So unless you are doing video editing I reckon you don't need anything more than what you have now. If you're doing what amounts to word processing and internet surfing at the moment you are just falling into the trap of faster and better means good. Saying that, touch screen will require extra processing/memory especially on video/music editing and will be killer apps for the tech.
If I was going to be buying a ready made pc then I'd seriously consider it. Saying that, I would build my own anyway but say for my parents, I would if it was £100 cheaper. That's not QVC's fault but my own determination of what I want to pay!
Thank you. I have been looking for a touch-screen PC for some time. Have been using my laptop since the previous PC blew up...

I've gone for this. Like the look of it, and although I agree it could be cheaper, the easypay is a bonus.
I know I returned my one earlier on this year cos it went faulty within a few days, but I really want another one. I really missed the touchscreen, even after using it for usch a short time, but also the screen was so clear and bright.

Very tempted by this one, but really wanted the TV fitted in it...want it as a 'proper' TV when computer not being used. I know you can have the dongle, but what about the remote etc...I'm a channel flicker!!!

No doubt, now this is the third one... I'm sure a fourth one will appear at the right time for me. Currently using the laptop and can't wait to have the proper sized screen and keyboard back!
You could always buy a monitor and keyboard and still use the laptop. Once you have dual screens.....especially tv on one side, internet on t'other :tongue2:

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