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Jun 24, 2008
I have been pro-active in singing the praises of Rocks and Co even going so far as to post about them on "another" jewellery channel's threads, however, I cannot understand how a particular presenter has managed to get her job!!

With such really good presenters like Sam Simmons, Vicki Burton, Stacey Ellis and of course John Scott, I cannot understand how the certain blonde, Essex sounding person (not Sam Lauren) who was on during the day today could possibly work in the same studio as the others! I am not on a witch hunt for this presenter although I had expressed my horror about her on a previous thread, but I could not believe what I heard her say today! I couldn't watch for long unfortunately - my nerves couldn't stand it - but in the short time I did watch she said the following:-

On showing a yellow sapphire ring - "It's not an ugly yellow......." !!
Well does that mean it's just not very nice looking??? :Faint:

While talking about the colour of another ring she said "It's not as wishy washy looking in real life" :Shock: Immediately making everyone who was about to buy it think OMG I won't bother - it's a rubbish colour!!

Then before a break she said "We've got loads coming up and some are quite nice" OH well I won't bother watching anymore if there are only some "Quite nice" pieces. I want "Really nice" or "Gorgeous" or "fantastic"!!!

Maybe she's a plant from Gems TV or TJC!! Please tell me it's not just me! :Sad2:
Not seen her - I've already got scorch marks on my legs from watching as much as I can on the laptop :rolleyes: - but I wish all jewellery presenters had been just as half-hearted as she seems to be, I'd have saved a fortune over the past few years!!!!!! :scarper: :lol:
lol I've not seen Rocks & Co yet so I can't really judge, but from the comments she seems like a refreshingly honest presenter!

Now if they were all honest then that would be fun...........

here's an amethyst ring - it's a pretty colour but if I were you I'd save my money for the one coming up in the next hour that's a darker purple and bigger stone for not much more money:53:

how about this diamond pendant, we accidentally over-ordered too many of these so we're selling them off cheap because nobody in their right mind would pay over twenty quid for a speckle of diamond chips:32:

methinks this girl could have a bright future!
Jantaculum you're right that would be funny! Imagine the worst culprits - Car Salesmen "oh I wouldn't buy that the big end's about to go and underneath the respray it's a rust bucket" or if you were buying new clothes and asked if your bum looked big in it "Big? I wouldn't worry about that because your face is like the back of a bus anyway so nobody will notice your fat a**e"!! :Laughing1:

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