How do you like your Diamonique?


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How do you like your Diamonique?

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Jun 29, 2008
I prefer my gems and stones to be set in silver, mainly because I am a silver fan, SouthWestern Silver being my favourite :4:. I don't really buy anything in gold that often.

So I was wondering what you prefer your Diamonique to be set in. :flower:
14ct Gold yellow / white, I don't like rose gold and I can't wear silver.
I love it in silver, particularly the new grey diamonique think its silly to set a diamond simulant in more precious metals, I have some white gold with my real diamonds and love my silver stuff as it makes it more fun and affordable and you can have chunkier funkier pieces. Tho to each their own. I too love south western and also adore suarti plus she is a hoot to watch. Love when she gets asked a questions and never answers it. Last few shows were so good.
I cheated and voted for 2 lol Gold and silver for me though if I had to choose 1 I would say silver
I love my diamonique...most of the bits i have are set in silver, although i have a couple in white gold.

I like the white metals but my special rings are in yellow gold and was advised against having them reset into white x
i like my diamonique set at a much lower price than qvc are currently trying to peddle the new designs in
I've got a couple of bits in the Epiphany range, and have worn them next to my real platinum.

i like diamonique set in platinum and i'd like to see more of it available.
I have some silver, some epiphany and some yellow gold.

I love the look of platinum and like the real metal so setting diamonique into it gets the expensive look and weight without the financial layout or real diamond in platinum.

any platinum pieces they did in the past actually looked more believable than some of the silver and gold pieces as they kept the stone sizes realistic.
I'm a yellow gold person !, strange as I only ever used to wear silver/white gold but since getting older the yellow tones suit my skin tone so much more !.

I think that at the moment QVC are asking far too much for Diamonique .
As I have said I can't wear silver, I like some of the smaller pieces of the epiphany and wondered if I would have a reaction to it like I do with the silver . (I am thinking earrings)
Apart from the shoulders of my engagement ring I have never tried any platinum (I could never afford it) and I much prefer the look of silver.

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