Has the Fire Alarm gone off at QVC?


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:11:you lot are terrible..... although I was worried about lulu's fillers melting!!!!
Hi I'm new and this is my first post:1:

I know what you mean about Lulu popping up, i was looking to see what jewellery was on. Now its back to Gems of the Orient as I've just turned over again - strange.
Welcome Curlyhair - not to worry QVC Towers has not burned down, although I think Kathy may be in the building - cos there is a Craft TSV - and I know how much she loves them! :54:
Well, we know they do half the shows with smoke and mirrors - looks like it got out of hand...:54:
Welcome Curleyhair, enjoy your time on this forum. It certainly keeps me out of trouble as I spend hours on this site.

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