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Jun 24, 2008

Just to let you know there is a Hair by Philip Kinglsey TSV on Monday 2nd of November.
The Christmas TSV I presume. That must explain why PK's hairdresser has been cultivating his pantomime look. I'll watch just to see what he's done to his barnet.

The elasticizer isn't bad, but I do not go much on the rest of the range. Hope it is a good one for all those who like PK.
I never allow myself to run out of Elasticizer and Maximiser. Luckily Maximiser lasts for ages, and I've got the litre size of Elasticizer on the go so I haven't had to make any difficult decisions re F.A.R.Ting. :eek: Thank goodness! :whew2::sun:

PK has some ingredients I'm not enamoured by but the results I get from those two products has kept me in Philip Kingsley's grip. My daughter likes the Moisture Balancing conditioner cos she has teenage greasy roots and it seems to sort her out. (She loves James Brown Combination hair range for that too if anybody was looking for something to try.)
what does philip kingsley thickening shampoo and moisture balance conditioner smell like?
thanks in advance.
ANY inkling PLEASE :?:

DD is dropping heavy hints that her 1000ml size shampoo is running low and I dont want to splash out in case the TSV is better value
I got a postcard from QVC this morning about the TSV, no idea why as I have never bought PK. Anyway the TSV is 9 Piece Body Building Building Collection and the three items mentioned on the card are Body Building Shampoo, Moisture Balancing Conditioner and Maximiser.
Why all the hair TSV have stuff in it to maximise volume or thicken??? What about us peeps who have plenty of thick (or coarse in fact) hair that actually needs reining in????:envy:
Thanks Sazza. I'm going to need a lot of help farting on this... if I've got the cash it is a sure thing for me.
Yet another TSV for thin hair and problem scalps. What about those of us with wild thick, dry, frizzy hair? Any more volume and I'll look like afro guy from the x factor!
I wish they did these TSVs with a shampoo and conditioner to suit all. Ojon are the same with the thickening range TSVs.

I have body thank you and have to get my hair thinned out.
So folks, is his stuff any good - I have watched many times and it looks good but have not been tempted - YET!
I can't remember if I've said this already on this thread. but I swear by Elasticizer and Maximizer. I have fine hair but plenty of it, and it's fairly well behaved. Elasticizer has been part of my routine for years now. I can't imagine doing without it and Maximiser just makes my hair so manageable and easy to style. I'm so lazy that I can't bear to spend more than 3 minutes blow drying my hair! (it takes me longer than that to put mascara on!)

My daughter uses the scalp toner because otherwise she suffers with a terribly flakey scalp.

I always liked PK shampoos and conditioners but I'm trying to move away from some of the ingredients he uses so I dunno if this is one for me.

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