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Nov 9, 2008
Watching Catherine OTT presenting of Lulu Guinness handbags, if she gushes anymore she will disappear on the wave of it.
I don`t want to know how many colours she has a particular bag in or the matching umberella!!!
QVC and their presenters are oblivious of the `CREDIT CRUNCH`!!!!!!!!!!!
Totally agree.
I haven't seen Catherine for a she wearing a GHD'd wig?:11:
She's a brunette isn't she!!!
What really annoys me about the whole thing is how hard a new designer takes to break through into the fashion industry. Have the right surname, come with connections and that is enough to get in there. Nothing against her bags ( although I do not like them) but there are a lot of designers out there who's bags are just as good, but can not get "in" because they have no connections.
I know, her gushing is a lot!!

Man, I sorta like LG purses and bags but they are soooo flippin expensive - especially not for leather. Can't bring myself to part with my cash, even though I love my bows.....GRRR!
It's LG that i couldn't watch....she's so up herself.

They are two of a kind, and the presenters must be way over-paid if Catherine can afford £90 for a purse and two handbags over £200... it is time QVC got real.:54:
My husband nearly fell off his chair at the prices - I told him they are some of her cheaper ones! Tiny make up size 'bags' at over a hundred quid. PLEEEASE QVC just how many of your customers can afford these or would even think they are being anything but 'done'.

Catherine practically licked LG's boots and if Luli G said 'yah' once she must have said it a hundred times...
"Selling points" for this LG handbag 143426: it looks like a handbag, it make a 'satisfying' noise when it shuts.
Did anyone else notice that when they showed the QVC exclusive purse thing ( a mere £45) that LG said something like I haven't seen this before. I thought they were meant to be her designs and even if they are not surely she should have seen them!
I do like the look of some of these bags, but I saw one that was over £400!

TBH, in the current "credit crunch" there is something mildly obscene about 2spoilt women gushing over an item that would put two weeks food on the table for an ex-Woolworths employee.

I'm cutting back on "luxuries" at the moment and that includes QVC. I've sorted out my beauty, craft and Yankee Candles stashes and will start using them instead of keep ordering more !!

Yeah, Catherine does have a tendency to gush. She's done up like a Stepford Wife to channel-in that 50's housewife vibe, like wot LG is into. And as for LG herself: she looks like a pug... an itsy bitsy teeny weeny little pugipoo you could just pop into one of her larger bags ('bless her').
Catherine has no personal style. She constantly flits between different looks with the result that she often appears like she's wearing fancy-dress :11:
I agree with everything you have said about Catherine, but who does LG's make-up Count Dracula? She looked terrible, you would have thought with all her money she would have a decent beautician and hairdresser.

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