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To balance out the bitchy thread about guests who look a state, who are the guests we think always look lovely and well turned out?

For me, LE always looks fresh and classy and lovely. Yes we all know why with the honey lights and her own MUA following her around but at least she makes the effort to represent her own brand well.

Alexis from L'Occitane is another who I generally think looks quite nice and like she's made an effort.

No matter how bonkers Stacey from ybf is she always looks very glamorous I think even if her makeup is a bit much by the end of the show :giggle:

Others who stand out in the presentation stakes?

I like stacey too - and alexis.

Liz Earle is a bit too mother earth for me!

I quite suzie who does NN.The tan is a bit OTT at times - but I think she wears nice clothes and jewellery.

I also think the girl who does lee sands (don't seem to see her or the range much?) is very natural/surfey dude!
My list. Whether or not thay have botox artificial lights etc the fact of the matter is they care about thier appearence and look good and have been bothered to make a effort so here goes.

Liz Earle
Marjolein Brugnine whatever her name is the fitness lady.
Model sharon.

thats it.
Oh yes, Mally always looks fabulous! And Nina and Alison from Smashbox always look pretty functional but smart too, always have great hair!! :wave2:
I could choose many but those who best represent their brand philosophy/job (not necessarily even brands I buy!) who particularly stand out are:

Sharon (model) - worth her weight in platinum to QVC, elegance personified! She could make a bin liner look good!

Liz Earle (& minions!) - fresh, natural, effortless! Beauty for all from happy tree-huggers to intelligentsia with a conscience, has all the bases covered!

Tova - making an effort & looking classy is everything! Worship the ground your husband walks on & never be seen in public looking less than perfect! lol

Lulu - 60 going on 30! Looking good without crossing the 'mutton dressed as lamb' line! Getting older doesn't mean looking old!

Joseph Esposito - super smart & very classy, new money success, old money manners & standards!
Liz Earle, a natural English Rose look, very classy and refined
Ali, the model with amazing eyes
Tova, whether she wears a wig or not always looks immaculate and obviously takes care of herself
SJ from Bare Minerals always looks young and trendy too IMO
Denis from Ojon :heart:
Ralph from Honoura Pearls
Marie-Francoise from Kipling
Laura Geller
Liz Earle
Liz Earle looks radiant and is a very good ad for her products

Sharon the model should be in Vogue magazine, total class and style

Harald for sheer entertainment and being a real showman
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Liz Earle and her colleague (Caroline?) are great adverts for their range.

The "other" lady who presents Northern Nights. Is her name Sam Doubledee? They always mention that she used to run a guest house. She always looks good.
in no particular order:

Sharon (the model) - class and persona
Stacey - persona
Tova - class
Claudia - class
Simon - the only male qvc presenter who doesn't look like a farmer
Laura Geller - everything about her
Joseph Esposito - for all the reasons kitten has stated, plus the fact that
this type of men tend to be extra smart
Liz Earle - not like her looks; she has refined manners but not polished
looks. she is my kind of business woman
Denis - not basso!!!
Mally - persona
Joan Rivers - i want to adopt her (via Help the Aged)

OMG!! i forgot Harald!!!!

sorry, the thread says guests, but i over-indulged!!!
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Carla Laszlo who presents Tignanello is always very smart and a very good presenter too. QVC could do worse than to offer her a full time job with them.

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