Greg Scott returns to price drop


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Aug 28, 2009
from his twitter:

"Oh dear, think I'm building this up too much! Better tell... I'm back on Price Drop til Xmas - Fri, Sat and Sun evenings from Sep 18."


"People don't believe me now! Price Drop on Fri Sat and Sun nights from Sep 18! Do tune in. It's live. So they can't stop me doing anything."

his twitter is
Oh please no!

This guy has to be my least favorite presenter. I for one won't be watching when he's on. It'll be the Greg Scott show.
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And your point being?

We all have presenters we like and dislike.

Greg "I love me" Scott falls into my dislike catagory!

yeah im saying we know, as you mention it every time that you don't like Greg
and sarah hendy ;)
WOOO great to see Gregg back, and the old music :D how excellent, making me want to stay tuned now :D
I can't say that I've laughed so much with price-drop since Greg left, a few years ago. Great to see him back! :)

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That was classic telly - Gregg is so funny! He's just the shot in the arm that Price Drop TV needed. It was all becoming a bit stale and predictable...

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