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Sep 24, 2008
Hi all,

hope all are well,

I wondered if anybody has some knowledge about green diamonds, I have a choice to make in my basket, I do like the look of these but they are a chunk of money (to me at least) is £175 a good price for this item? If i keep them id lose another item or 2. due to funds. does anybody have any like this and what they look like in reality?

choices choices.
really? i had the snail in my basket but i had to release him, i tohught he was too small to be my pet. lol
the earrings were on very early this morning on web.. there r sum (but not many) advantages to having a 20month son, who wakes at the crack of 'what time do u call this??!'
I have never spent that much on myself, I also just hope the payment goes through cos i ordered it on named day. the monday after im paid on the friday before im paid (gulp). Maybe im being a bit hopeful , u just watch em charge my card (and it fail) on thursday now!
They look really nice Suzy, and the price is not too bad too, I deffo go for these and release the snail in the wildlife gems garden...

lol, yes the snail is now free to roam, i really liked it. but really its teeny weeny.

i love fun designs.

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