Green diamond as promised, plus a pink sapphire.


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I've done it again!
Jun 24, 2008
:wavesmilie: peeps. Here’s a pic of my green diamond which finally arrived after 2 ½ weeks. I nearly fainted when I saw the invoice and found I’d been overcharged by £500! :dontbelieveit: Luckily a quick call to CS and a callback within 5 minutes, (bless you Rachael), to say that I was correct and a refund had been credited to my card. Phew!

It was totally worth all the blips though. It’s an absolute beauty. The cut is superb and the clarity exceptional. It’s hard to capture the colour very well, but it’s an apple green during the day which darkens to an ‘Alexandrite’ green at night. However, it’s the fire in the diamond that blows me away. It just burst with all kinds of colours – reds, yellows, blues and greens radiating out of the diamond. I may reset into a yellow gold band, but haven’t decided yet. Hubby is buying me this for our Anniversary. I just have to tell him now! :lol:


While I’m on a roll, I thought I’d show you my pink sapphire pendant which arrived today. It’s more of a raspberry pink/purple, but I love it. The diamonds have so much sparkle too and not stingy coming in at 36 points. It’s flashing pinks now that the lights are on. I saw this pendant go for a lot less on air which burns a bit,:crysmilie: but the gemstone is so lovely, I can live with it.

Ok, that’s it for a while. I’ve been giving myself a good talking to and I really need to get back on that wagon now!:smackbottomsmilie: Maybe I’ll just cut back and only watch when John is presenting!

Goodness gracious Melusina, that is a perfect green diamond, what a beauty. Oddly I think that green gems look better in yellow gold so I would back you on that one. It's gone to a very good home, I'm pleased for you. The pink sapphire is very pretty too but I'm still green from the diamond! :stars: :clap:
Margot they are both totally gorgeous but that green diamond is absolutely stunning!! :faint: I'm not usually a fan of coloured diamonds but I would probably kill you for that one. :D I agree it should go into a y/g mount, it's lovely as it is but would look even more beautiful in a warmer tone of gold. The pink sapphire pendant is a stunna too and I'd probably mug you for that as well. :SUE: Well done you on getting such an amazing anniversary gift....I hope your OH appreciates all the trouble you went to on his behalf. :p :pPC:
They are both fab and the ring is a stunner:11: I tried to only watch when Johns presenting and find I end up buying more:1:
Wowie Melusina it was definitely worth the very long wait for your green diamond to be delivered.
It is an absolute beauty
... your husband has excellent taste!

I also think would look nicer set in yellow gold but then I would think that wouldn't I?

And what a pretty pendant! The colour of the sapphire is amazing ... I always look at pictures before I read and thought it was rubellite.

Thank you for posting pictures of two beautiful pieces!!
Beautiful pieces, Melusina, which I wish you long life and health to enjoy xx

I have not bought from Rocks and Co. as yet, and I must say that delays of weeks to deliver and overcharging of £500 is NOT going to encourage me!!! How could they get it SO wrong?? Okay, so they fixed it.... I prefer that a company gets it right first time......:33::11:
The only coloured diamonds I like are the green ones and that is a beauty. I can imagine just staring into it for hours on end, looking at all the different colours. Congrats to you :1:
Beautiful items, lucky you! I also agree that the diamond would look better in yellow gold. I know I'm biased because I prefer yellow gold, but I can see that diamonds look better in white gold or platinum, but all green gems I think really do look better with yg. Congratulations on your anniversary and wear in good health.
Wow Melusina you're green diamond ring is so stunning and lovely what a wonderful coloured diamond well done you and the pink sapphire pendant just stunning what wonderful purchases you have made :)
Thank you for all your lovely comments and advice on the setting. I'm definitely going to have it reset into yellow gold in the New Year. Now do I go for a solitaire, or jazz it up with some white diamonds?

Sue, the good thing is that I'm always thrilled with what hubby buys me.:whistlingsmilie: I'd never let him loose in a Jewellers without me! I hope he doesn't read this, otherwise this may be my last Anniversary! lol

Rebecca I agree; I think I should amend that to 'I'll only watch now when John isn't presenting!':D

You're right Fluff, I thought the same thing myself when the lights were on. It does look very much like a Rubellite, although it looks more pink during the day.

Did you buy them from the web Margot or do Rocks regularly auction lovely pieces like these?? If that's the case I really must start watching. :D :pPC:
Did you buy them from the web Margot or do Rocks regularly auction lovely pieces like these?? If that's the case I really must start watching. :D :pPC:

Both were on air Sue. I saw the green diamond one night and a friend saw the pink pendant and let me know the price, so I called CS the following day and ordered it. I'm 99% sure the pendant was on the web weeks ago for £200-£300 more. You do see some lovely pieces on the web, but I think you get better prices in the live shows (unless anyone knows differently)?

So Nadal vs. Rocks&Co? Hmmmmm..... a bit of a tough decision? :lolwave:
If you were going to have it reset as another solitaire in yg, would it be possible to have this one dipped? If so, it would save you a lot of money.
If you were going to have it reset as another solitaire in yg, would it be possible to have this one dipped? If so, it would save you a lot of money.

I never even thought of this, so thank you Jacqualina. It's definitely worth looking into if it'll save me a bunch of money.:thumbsup: Isn't this forum great, you're all so knowledgeable.
If you were going to have it reset as another solitaire in yg, would it be possible to have this one dipped? If so, it would save you a lot of money.

You can't dip white and make yellow unfortunately!

Melusina, stunning jewellery as ever. Both look sensational and the wait for the green diamond was definitely worth it.
Gorgeous Diamond Melusina, very lucky lady you are! Re reseting it, i would be boring and go for a simple accent of a trio of diamonds either side!
Me? Jealous? Of course not - never! :Greenys: Melusina that Green Diamond is Fab! You must be over the moon with it and if I were you I even keep the hubby now too!! As far as the resetting goes - obviously it's personal taste but I would leave it as a solitaire as it doesn't need anything else it's stunning as it is. I hate over embellishments. Re the yellow gold, I think you could set it in chocolate and it would still look fantastic!! The Pink Sapphire pendant is lovely too - very rich and classy looking.

So me jealous? You bet I am!!
Oh Melusina they are beautiful!!!!!!! I've seen their coloured diamonds and that gorgeous pendant on air and was sorely tempted :whistle:

I love loads of the jewellery on this channel, especially as they are not so stingy with their diamond accents in a lot of cases and have classic designs. I have a W/G AAA Tanzanian Ruby winging it's way to me - although I really want a Y/G one so still on the lookout ;) and have a Rubellite ring in my basket along with an Andalusite one which I have to check out tonight.

As an example the 3.5ct Rubellite was £199 on air and over £300 on the website. I am glued to the webstream as much as possible as I'm still hankering after the Y/G ruby and I don't think these prices will last.

I see such a difference between the web and screen and IMHO things things are waaayyyyyyy cheaper in the live auctions.
You can't dip white and make yellow unfortunately!


I thought I'd do a DIY job and save me some dosh. So that can of gold spray paint I've just found in the shed isn't going to do the trick? Damn!

Lynda I agree it's nice to see some decent diamond accents. Good idea buying now while the prices are good; just think of all the money you're saving! Please let us know how you get on. It sounds as though you have some lovely pieces on the way to you.

I'm with you Tabs and Klos on keeping the design simple. ... and yes I think I'll keep hubby after all these years. He does a mean grilled cheese sandwich. :hug:

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