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May 9, 2009
Well that is what I did a couple of days ago, twice. Both times giving the product number. Not a mention, not a glimpse.

What does one have to do to see something on air?
I think if it's out of stock they don't bother acknowledging the email / text. Which really defeats the object and makes me really peeved TBH. I'm sure they could have a standard "sorry this isn't in stock" reply that they could send.
hello all this is my first post so hope I am doing this right,have followed these threads for some time and learned losts of things from you all so thanks.I am glad meerkat mentioned this as I have text a few times to see something and never heared a peep thought I was blacklisted or something wrong with my mobile.I did get a reply from Derky when I texted in and told him I had recieved an Iliana emerald ring and thought it was lovely he read out my text which was kind and at least I knew the problem wasnt on my side.Its good to read it isnt just me and that im not an outcast.
Welcome Emerald. :wave2: No it's not just you and it's a particular gripe of mine when they beg for text/email requests and then bliddy ignore them. If something isn't available then the presenters should just say so takes seconds and gives the viewers confidence that they're not wasting their time making requests. :pPC:
Hi Emerald, welcome!

It sounds like TJC have been reading the post on this forum.
Derek has just said "sorry we are out of stock" to viewers who text for rings etc.

Welcome emerald....I thought it was me! lol

Anyway, it is still there, so maybe I will try again...I want to see it on air to see if it's windowed before I buy.
That's strange - about a month ago I texted Del about a 1ct yellow gold diamond ring that my mum wanted to buy and it was put on air withing 10 minutes with my name as requesting it and then when I texted him with a thanks from me and mum he mentioned us both by name.

probably as your item was quite seems the presenters work on commission.

Thanks Emerald. I may just spend it on Italian xmas foods instead!!
It's not just if the item is out of stock that you are liable to get ignored, but also often if it is in stock but just not available in the studio on that particular day. Sometimes you do get answered on air; but unless the answer comes very quickly you can miss it. It is absolutely maddening.

I always e-mail rather than texting - I don't "do" texts - and occasionally I get a really helpful reply back; it seems to depend on who's producing. I wish they would adopt a policy of always replying to e-mails if an item isn't available, so you're not left hanging on waiting, wondering what is happening.
I always email as well and have found the same as MissM. Sometimes they reply on air, sometimes I get an email back and sometimes my email is totally ignored. They really should make sure they have an email/text they can send out when something isn't available (for whatever reason), otherwise it just makes a rude, couldn't care less impression.

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