Glenn Campbell does an Eamonn Holmes!


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Golden Brown

Registered Shopper
Jul 10, 2008
Saw Glenn Campbell for the first time in ages on the Fashion hour and noticed he has gone grey! Or perhaps done an Eamonn Holmes and stopped using the hair dye. Anyway he looked very old. Mind you, it certainly didn't stop him talking 20 to the dozen!
I always thought he shaved his hair, Glenn I mean not Eamonn:D

you know Phillip Schofield go the same stick when he stopped using hair dye too and "went grey".:D
I have seen Glen campbell in real life at a customer event. I think he dyes his hair.
I thought for a minute there that Glenn had hidden behind some female presenter while a member of the public had broken in and was attempting to present at QVC!! :eek:
Poor Eamonn, am sure he will never live down that episode, what a pathetic man.

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