Glen is driving me mad (not in a nice way)


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Nov 5, 2008
I just cannot watch any fashion now that Glen is back. He just spouts utter twaddle, never draws breath and totally pi$$es me off. Rant over lol.:headbang:
I wonder if he's a man of a certain age so it's ok to dress like that :giggle::giggle:
I'm sure he's a lovely man but his fashion spiel is terrible. That said, he does have his work cut out. You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear as they say ...
I'm sure he's a lovely man but his fashion spiel is terrible. That said, he does have his work cut out. You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear as they say ...

Yep, exactly - I don't mind him at all, but you have to feel sorry for him given some of the trash he has to comment on and make seem attractive to customers. I remember when he was on This Morning years ago and he at least had decent brands to 'play with' so to speak. That said, Centipede coats aren't toooooo bad in the great scheme of things, but even so some of the stuff he has to enthuse about is just awful and he must sometimes feel embarrassed...
Poor man. He tries so hard. Let's face it, being enthusiastic about QVC fashion does require a degree of optimism. I'm impressed with his bombastic delivery and words per minute. I reckon if he talked at a normal pace he would give up the ghost because he might actually have to look more closely at the items.
I used to like him but he seems to have fallen into the same QVC presenter trap as the rest. He has his stock phrases like"this will see you through this season and next", every item always has something or other "coming through", and others always have something that "works for you".
Find him hard to understand sometimes as well as he appears to talk from behind his back teeth ! Very difficult to describe what I mean - hoping someone out there will understand !
Switched over yesterday and he appeared; I thought oh for goodness sake where did they drag him back from! Droning monotone voice where words and sentences merge into one and he barely seems to draw a breath.

Sorry never have liked him but then again he does have a difficult task being the QVC in house fashion expert.
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I actually like listening to the drivel he comes out with, it's quite comical, especially with some of the 'fashion' as it's so dire. :rock: :giggle:

For example, exhibit one, multi functional.......... could easily be worn as a nighty or on a cruise as a cocktail dress as a conversation starter (not to you but about you by other people.)


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... as a nervous conversation stopper, covering your modesty, as they administer the anesthetic...
he presents a nasty lilac acrylic thigh length anorak with a fur trimmed hood as some thing that a stylish italian woman would wear with skinny jeans, flat pumps and a massive peair of sunnies. she would have a slash of red lippy and the latest mobile phone and be hailing a cab in thne middle of milan.

he talks **** but he talks good game of **** and the velour trakkie and birkies mob reach for the phone.
I like him.He needs to start shaving his head again though,he's gone from looking 40 to 60 in the space of 5 years.

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