Give them a break!


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Nov 10, 2009
I think they have done well for a channel who have only been live a few weeks and have seen worse things said and done on other channels. We shld be helping support new business in the UK and not immediately try and report to Ofcom for minor issues. Its looking good so far from where Im standing!
Peace! :flower:
Give them a break?

I heard that they evade tax by paying their staff in cash and a source mentioned that they use students as crew for the studio and completely rip them off by paying them £40 for a whole days work!

I have watched this channel for a couple of weeks now and it's total rubbish! The camera people are rubbish, they couldn't focus it for their lives. I'm no camera man, but come on guys, dont employ monkeys.

The graphics are ridiculous! Enough said about that!

Also the presenters dont seem to know anything about any of the products! That Paul character is a total plank and the worst presenter ever!

This whole thing is a joke! Just goes to show that any cowboy can make a tv channel nowadays!

Keep on going QVC and Price drop......your making this channel look useless!
Why would we give them a break? They may be in the UK but they're a foreign company so what are they actually doing for us? Just taking our money as far as I can see!

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