Gemstone Gav rang me from Thailand..!


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Aug 9, 2008
South Coast in sunny Sussex
Well hub actually...

Hub bought me a ring - sort of half-eternity - 5 octagon-cut Tanzanian rubies set in 9K white gold. Price was £49, and valuation £475...Great! But the valuer said on the form, that the stones were in fact red or pink sapphires...So hub rang R&Co who said they were about to dispatch his order! (??) He said "I've already got it but that's not why I'm ringing - the stones aren't as described." (Why they sent one and then were going to send another, is a mystery...If another arrives, we'll return it of course.)

Anyway they said they'd ring back.

Little while later (I was out), he had a call from Gavin Linsell, from Thailand - I think he'd seen Gavin on GTV, though he doesn't watch as much as I do...Anyway Gavin told him the stones were definitely rubies, and maybe the valuer wasn't completely up to date with modern gemstone classification. Gavin apparently was very helpful and informative (wish I'd taken the call - I used to love watching Gav's mining docu's on Gems...) And also said might be better to ask the Assay Office in Birmingham for a valuation.

Well, we're not too bothered if they're rubies or sapphires - the two are very closely related anyway - and they're a lovely scarlet colour and very clear and sparkly, so I'm happy with the ring.

But thought it was very good CS for Gavin to ring personally from Thailand - so Gavin if you're reading this, many thanks!!
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Hi Jackie:

Thank you very much for your thanks and your patronage. I'm always here for our customers!

Best Wishes,

I knew someone would ask lol! Must do a piccy in next few days anyway (for insurance too), and my other bling from - er - other places, posted on the appropriate boards lol...just haven't got round to it but I will...
Jacky Gavin is a real sweetie and I'd take up his suggestion to get your items valued by Safeguard (the valuation arm of the Birmingham Assay Office). They do not value to make people happy but rather value accurately. However, for that, you do pay a premium but it's well worth the money.

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