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How about this for a loads of cods wallop? How are these people not shut down? Their presentations are SOOOOOOOOO misleading.

Talking about the Tsavorite pendant pictured below this is what the presenter said:

"We're handling some of the rarest gemstones in the world here"

"Over half a carat is exciting"

"If you have a 1mm included, pale colour Tsavorite, you should get excited because it's so rare"

"But you're looking at over 4mm here"

"This is very hard for us to find. When we got this, Paul from Thailand said he had so many interested people on the phone lines trying to buy it. When they asked how many mm and guessed at about 2mm, he told them 4mm they were like, WHAT? He's been industry for over 15 years. He hasn't seen Tsavorite like this in 15 years and he's buying gemstones every day. There was an uproar in the industry when he got this in Thailand"

"This is not even at £2k, not £1k, we're at £799"

"Because we've got 14 of them we can go much lower. We can go to £249"

What a load of complete and utter rubbish. 4mm is rare? Mmmmmm I beg to differ!


and finally, based in Thailand - I wonder how surprised they would have been? NOT!

I really really really object to presenters making such misleading statements and making out that the gemstones at Rocks and Co are rare when they're not.


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Meeshoo I heard exactly the same drivel a few weeks ago! I think they have meetings and get told a story and they all have to repeat it on air! Like the Tony story etc. I really can't see them being around for long thankfully!
It actually makes me wonder how the presenters can allow themselves to be manipulated in this way. Have they no integrity???? Or, are jobs so hard to find these days that they are willing to sell their souls to the 'devil'??

Surely their own personal morals wouldn't allow them to be spouting such utter drivel, and basically downright lies - or perhaps they don't have any now???? :confused2: :confused2:

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