Gems website down!


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It has been down, I was trying to do a link in another thread, and it was having none of it! :rolleyes:

My SKY reception on 646 has been on the blink as well, poor Matt has got himself all pixellated and he's stuttering a lot!
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Sacha, that usually happens to us when it's raining or stormy. the presenters sound like that comedian who does the stuttering mike routine!


Sounds like Mummy bear has been texting in again. :rolleyes:


646 used to be OK in bad weather, it was 660 that played up. Now I wonder what will happen

when they change channel numbers next week? :confused:
Aren't all the shopping channels changing numbers, starting with QVC dropping down to 640?

I saw a brief message flash up on GemsTV the other day, but forget what the new numbers are exactly.
Anyone else having problems now with the website?? I can't get the games to load on the main home page? so can't buy online (oh No!)
Just checked it's now back up and running, don't know what the problem was but at least it sorted now :)

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