Gemporia - ASA 'final warning' - AT LAST!


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Quartzite jade is not jade it is used as an imitation and a name given to most stones that can be carved.


As discussed in one of our notes, the term "JADE" is loosely used to describe any stones which can be carved. Amongst all jades, jadeite jade has the highest hardness of Mohs scale 6.5 to 7 and exceptional toughness. Jadeite is the most appreciated and expensive precious stone amongst all kinds of jades. Most of jadeite jade in the market are from Myanmar (Burma) and top quality jadeite is ONLY mined from Myanmar (Burma).

Thus there are many simulants which imitate jadeite jade in the market. And some misnomers are misleading consumers with the name 'jade'. We would like to share all the misnomers with supporting photos.


Finally, the ASA are showing their teeth at last (probably because they're sick of me by now!).


You may recall that I reported Gemporia to the ASA for using the misleading name 'Ruby Quartz'. The ASA agreed that this name is misleading because the stone is not Ruby nor does it have any Ruby content. Gemporia have now been notified that they cannot use this name in the future. All future sales of this stone will have to specify that it is red coloured Quartz.

This is a big deal for Gemporia because now that the ASA have ruled that this is misleading, it sets a precedent for other misleading stone names. This could lead to further repercussions in a few weeks time because I've since reported Gemporia for selling "Maw-Sit-Sit Jadeite" (Maw-Sit-Sit is NOT Jadeite) and "Mountain Jade Serpentine" (Serpentine is also NOT Jade!). These are still being investigated.


I reported Gemporia to the ASA last year after Adina constantly price compared a dyed blue Opal to untreated Opal. She kept referring to both as RARE. Not once did she mention that her stone was dyed.

The ASA ruled, at that time, that the presentation was misleading - and that treatments must be displayed more clearly on screen going forward.

The ASA said "to ensure that future advertising will clearly state the main characteristics of the product, and that presenters will refrain from contradicting these main characteristics via puffery which is likely to mislead a viewer and exaggerate the capability or performance of a product. We have also provided instruction on making the infographics more transparent for viewers."

Since then, despite the ASA warning Gemporia to display treatments more clearly on screen, Gemporia sold some COATED Blue Amber on screen in February. As usual, price comparisons were made to VERY rare natural blue Amber from the Dominican Republic and Burma. Adina did not refer to her stone as being coated at all. More importantly, NO TREATMENT DETAILS WERE SHOWN ON SCREEN - despite their previous warning.

So I reported that to the ASA.

As a result of this, the ASA have today informed me of the following:

"If the advertisers (Gemporia) don’t co-operate with us on this matter in the future and adhere to our instruction, subject to assessment, we will now be in a position to consider more formal action and investigation that involves the ASA Council."

So, in a nutshell, if Gemporia fail to show the treatment on-screen, of ANY treated gemstone, in the future, and it is reported to the ASA, the ASA can finally take formal action.
You need to tell them about Quartzite Jade and Type A Dulong Jadeite
Oh for goodness sake. Today's spiel from Mrs Davies...
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"We got the descriptions wrong so our prices were wrong. Now we're going to put them right and the put up the prices as a result.".

Why, oh why did she do this? It's so obviously sheer market stall trading shtick, it's vaguely insulting. Last night's launch of these new IF pieces was standard and actually quite reasonable and not over-hyped by Toby (forget that Hattie was co-presenting for a minute...). He did a good job, in my opinion.

If they put "1/4ct Coated Topaz Brassy Coated Silver Cheese wire" or "10cts Ugly Dyed Quartz 0.92g Gold Whisper" as item descriptions, can we expect a dramatic price reduction in future?

Happy to "confess" this crap but swerve the more important information. 🙄
They're used this stupid story 3 times as I've seen. I think they're doing this because the IF diamonds she was selling may have been IF but the colour grade was I-J.
All my IF diamonds have been E-F and 1 was G-H which is the norm. So having them I-J grade they had to come up with some garbage to sell them.

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