Flexi-Bak - Anyone got one? Any good?


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Jun 22, 2009

Hi Everyone, I'm very tempted to buy the Flexi-Bak wooden lower back pain reliever that Joanne had on this morning (early).

It looks good but with P& P it still brings it in over £55 which seems a lot - however if it is as good as they say it is, please can you let me know.

I've not got one of those, but I've just got the backmagic thing QVC also sell. So I'll see how i am in a couple of weeks or so and if it's no better I'll send it back.
It's a lot cheaper (around £18 + PandP) than the flexi back and has 3 different adjustments. Also more portable....if it works!! :)

Well done on QVC - it arrived within 2 days of me buying it last weekend!

I was also put off by the price of the flexi bak.
i have a flexi bak - bought it over a year ago i think directly from them as they were the same price as IW and having experience of IW ordering & delivery I try not order anything directly from IW.

I have a bulging disc in my lower back which gave me a lot of pain last year & after seeing this product demonstrated it seemed to have the answer to getting some mobility into my poor sore back.

To be honest I dont think it make much difference - physio exericises, losing some weight and getting more fit thru swimming and walking seems to have been most beneficial.

It isnt as comfortable as they make out it digs into you but it does relax your back joints - I dont think i would recommend it as I dont feel it was responsible for helping with my back issues & it is a lot of money

I would recommend seeing someone professional if you have back issues & following a recommended exercise plan

not sure if that helps :)
I bought the flexi-bak direct from the company last year.

Agree with others comments. It certainly relaxes my back when I'm in pain, but can't honestly say it's made much difference long term. Save your money. Right now I'm having acupuncture and can honestly say it's brilliant :happy:

Pauline x
I've suffered from back pain for over 10 years' now, and to be honest, there are only two things that have helped - stretching excercises and a small amount of yoga. Nothing too strenuous at first, gently does it. You should be able to get books on these from your local library. Also, have you seen a physio ? They will advise on what will help too. Good luck, back pain is no joke.
I bought a Flexi-bak after seeing it being demonstrated on IW earlier this year. And then ordered it directly from the company,
they give a 60 day satisfaction return guarantee and quick delivery.

I took it to my Osteopath who had seen them demonstrated at a show and was interested to see how effective it would be for me. At first I did the exercises in a limited fashion and also because it raises the lower back I could feel the lower vertebrae separating and stretching......which is good.

Doing the three given exercises strengthens the core muscles and gently exercises the lower back and pelvic muscles. Sometimes I find it comfortable to lie on and other times not so much....it requires a certain amount of adjustment as you lie on it. Gradually my back has loosened up somewhat but whether its due to natural recovery or other exercises given by the Osteo or the Flexi-bak......who can say? But I was desperate at the time and happy to try it.

Hi Everyone, I'm very tempted to buy the Flexi-Bak wooden lower back pain reliever that Joanne had on this morning (early).

It looks good but with P& P it still brings it in over £55 which seems a lot - however if it is as good as they say it is, please can you let me know.


I have had a flexibak for sometime and find it really useful. I get bad back spasms 2-3 times per year that can last for up to 2 weeks.....very painful. I find the only thing that actually gives me relief when my back is really painful is lying on the flexibak. It seems to be the only position I can lie in without feeling anything from my back. You do have to keep adjusting yourself, but that seems to occur when my back starts to relax.

Being someone who is not a big fan of painkillers etc, I really think the Flexibak has helped me. Certainly wyhen my back is bad, the flexibak is worth 10 times what I paid for it!
Since I suffered a sports injury at college 20 years ago I have experienced intermittent low back pain. I have tried everything I can think of to cure it, without success. As I am frequently away from home with my job, having an attack of pain is a real problem for me.

Since I have used Flexibak the problem has gone. After only a few days using the device my low back pain disappeared and does not recur. If I feel a twinge I just lie on Flexibak for a few minutes the pain is averted.

The Flexibak now travels with me in the car all the time.
You can check their website and I think they have more testimonials for you to check here
If I was feeling cynical I would think it suspicious that a new poster joins a site just to post this...
LOL agreed it is a bit suspicious. I've had several 5 day episodes of back pain. I bought the back magic - would have bought any thing. Physio was wonderful and gave me stretching exercises to do for life. I took the back magic to her and she was doubtful it would do much and even said that it would push my back in the wrong shape for the lumbar vertebrae. She thought it might be OK for the cervical vertebrae where I also have a problem.

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