Flavourwave vs. Remouska?


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Easily Confused
Aug 13, 2008
Hi all, saw that QVC had the flavourwave oven on this AM. It gets rave reviews on the website. I seem to think that a few here have it and some have the Remouska oven. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between them and would you say one is better than the other? Thanks!
I have a remoska and love it.
If you are going for the cost to run then the remoska is better, the grand is 650w compared to flavoursome 1300w. In the grand I can cook a whole chicken, roast pots etc for a sunday dinner for 4 just to give an idea of size.
I have a Remoska and it is fantastic I have hardly used my main oven since I bought it. Before you buy the 'flavourwave' oven have a look in Wilkinsons they had something similar last week for less than £30.
The Flavourwave is pretty big too. I'd be concerned how long the glass and halogen bulb would last.
I have a Remoska and it's wonderful. I cannot comment on the Flavourwave as I've never seen one in real life. However, the money saving expert site has some threads about them, and they do seem to have their fans.

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