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Jun 24, 2008
Hi everyone - long time no shoppingtelly chat! Hope everyone is well :)

Just wanted to warn anyone that ordered one of the Flavourwave ovens last week........

I have had one before and LOVED it and the new one just arrived, I switched it on to high temp for 5 minutes (as per instructions) and wandered off......10 minutes later it was still on and had not counted down :11:

Luckily I caught it in time, but if I had left it alone for an hour, I think there might have been serious consequences.

I have told QVC who say they will pass the info on and hopefully this is a one-off broken oven, but in case it's a faulty batch, please take care if you bought one.
Hi again Sally :) That sounds pretty worrying,hope it's a one off.You lost 14 st ????? Big well done xxxx

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