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This thread is not to discuss whether we like or dislike the new format, but I thought it might be a good idea to put forward any ideas we have to improve things at Rocks now. We know Steve, Sarah, John and Barry are forum members, so any positive feedback I'm sure will be appreciated.

For me, I'd like the catalogue to be a bit more comprehensive, showing all the items that are coming up in an hour. I can't always watch the whole 5 hours, so it'd be really helpful if I know when to watch if I want something in particular.

Also, not all the items give stone dimension, which I find very helpful.

What would you like?

A very useful and constructive idea Mad.

I'd like to see-
bracelet lengths, ones that mention the minimum and maximum the bracelet will go to, if it is adjustible
the length of the drop on pendants and earrings
more details about the pieces on the catalogue pages

I think the situation is improving night by night and this suggests that Steve and co are listening to what their customers (fan base?:)) wants.
I would definately like to see the ring sizes and length of braclets and necklaces and if they have built in extenders i got got a couple of necklaces today and they are to short for me so will have to go back
Agree with all of above ... I'd also like to see accurate information regarding re-sizing of rings.

(And a few more designs that can be resized more than one or two sizes would be very nice - hint,hint)
I agree with the bracelet lengths....and this should apply to watches too.

I would also like more accurate ring re-sizing guides there seem to be loads of rings that can only 2 or 3 sizes either way which unfortunately is not enough for me :-(

I would like a more extensive catalohue like we used to and rather than just an enlarged picture when you click on an item I would like a bit of detail too.

this is all i can think of at the moment....but i will think on it some more :)
Hi everyone,

Mad4Gems - thanks for starting this thread, it's a great idea and much appreciated.

Wherever I can, I'll try and post the status with any changes that are relevant to your feedback.

Firstly, the catalogue. We're planning a change to the catalogue which will enable you to click on items and get full product details. With regards to the amount of items in the catalogue, this is an interesting one. We've had more items before now and the feedback we got was that people wanted more surprises. Maybe we've gone too far the other way now? I think when we've got the system in that will let you request any item on the site, that will help. Any more feedback on this would be great.

Second ring re-sizing. We're always conservative on this but over time we're trying to get more accurate and expand the range of sizes for each ring.

Bracelets / watches. I'll see if we can make it part of our product descriptions that the minimum and maximum lengths are included.

Thanks again,

Thanks John

It's really great to know that our comments are appreciated and listened to. That's why we come back to Rocks again and again and again.........:D
Things need to move FASTER! When Steve introduced the new format he went through at the rate of knots. However since then, things have slowed down to almost, what feels at times, like a stand still. It would be great if the price was shown then crashed quickly.

Is there also a way that the presenters can queue the next item to be shown so that it can be started without the presenters faffing around? At the weekend there was so much downtime between auctions that the pace was incredibly slow. That can't be good for business!
A proper catalogue for the full evening, with full info on gem content, cut, weight etc., and some kind of forward bidding facility would be very useful. I can't sit and watch for endless hours hoping something catches my eye.
Requests should be on at a specified time, say, on the hour for five minutes so folk know when to come in for what they have asked for earlier or they could be emailed to advise that the item is coming up at a specified time?.
Requests should be on at a specified time, say, on the hour for five minutes so folk know when to come in for what they have asked for earlier or they could be emailed to advise that the item is coming up at a specified time?.

That is a very good idea! A couple of times I've either missed or nearly missed an item I've requested as it just isn't always possible to stay logged in for most of the evening.
Most of these are in progress.

The new request system will allow you to choose an hour you'd like to see the piece; the new catalogue will give full details and allow you to pre-bid.

I've tried to address the Barry trouser issue but I'm afraid he just won't listen!

Kind regards

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I agree with a lot of comments about the catalogue, & love the idea of having somewhere for the next item coming up (if you are sticking with one item at a time). I don't like the lack of catalogue info either.

& can I add necklaces to the measurement issue. For example, I won a necklace that was going to be too short, but had planned to extend it myself and factored that into my bid. I got a nice surprise to discover that it fits. I know this is a measurement issue as there is no way my neck has shrunk 3 inches!!!

& as for Barry :scared:
Leave Barry alone!!! If he wants the breeze blowing south of the border, who are we to complain:laugh:

some fantastic ideas above, it would be great if somewhere on the screen just a small pic of the next item would be great.
I know this is not exactly feedback but I just want to say how much I enjoy both carol and barry presenting. I think they both are very professional and Id like to say well done to them what with all the format changes! WELL DONE both of you! ( oh and I enjoy seeing steve present too but sometimes he goes abit ott!) :52::9:
Barry wasn't going commando was he?!

I second most of the points raised, especially the min/max lengths of wristwear. No point wasting postage on an item that had no hope of fitting anyway and someone else more appropriate losing out at auctiontime.

It would also be good to have snapshot details of the next item up for grabs.

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