fashion brands that should leave qvc...quietly


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Jul 9, 2008
watching the cover up fashions this afternoon. i bit put off beth tyrell.this line in paticularly looks like it has lost its way the last tsv it had was quite pitifull.......
Kim n Co.
Kirks folly woman's daughter.
Michelle Hopeless
Reny Martin
Don't worry, Mrs 'on trend' James, they can be replaced by that fab fashion company KaftansRus.
Don't worry Mrs James if qvc get rid of all their lovely fashion you could always start buying from Ideal World - they have some lovely stuff on there........:11:
The only half-decent brand (and I use the term loosely) is Casual & Co. The do have some great coats plus I've had their trousers which are good.

As for the rest, it's absolute twaddle!:18::18: I just don't understand why so many people still buy from them. Surely the UK can't be so badly dressed? I thought we were a country full of savvy dressers? If you look at the so-called figures QVC use then we obviously can't be. I've given up watching any of the fashion items with the exception of C&Co cos I also like their boots.

I wonder why we can't have UK brands on the channel? Next, Dorothy Perkins, Principles, Oasis, Karen Millen, the list is endless!!!! At least try and get UK designers!!! Oh, and that doesn't include Lulu Guinness - I love her bags but would never buy them from QVC at full price (plus P&P)!
only ever bought one item of clothing from qvc,that was a kaftan from casual&co,it ran the first time I washed it so it went straight back for a full refund
never been tempted on any of it since
Bring on Michelle Hope and Kim Mendelsson, then announce on air that they have to immediately 'clear their desks' and leave the building forthwith. Then direct them to the nearest form of public transport, with some suggestions about places they could go to for lunch. I'm sure after they had a good old chinwag together, and a nice cup of tea, they would feel a lot better.
Get rid of the lot and replace them with a man selling binliners. One size fits all and you'll look better in that than some of the crap on qvc.

I like Dreamkeeper - we have a small business selling playing cards and I often wear Dreamkeeper jackets and tops at shows.

Unfortunately, it doesnt actually wear that well when I'm working hard. To be expected I spose, as they seem more for "ladies of leisure"! :7:

Whats wrong with item number 141320?? Actually, it would take less time to list what's right with it!!!
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Ho, ho, ho!!!:18::18::18:

Sorry ladies, but even my dog (and I don't have one!) wouldn't be seen in this! What silly people even think it looks great?????:27:

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