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Im sorry ! they just dont have a clue as to what is on trend in Europe and I have been watching this now for several years with some of the brands from across the pond.
Its a totally different market in the States to the UK ! they seem to all come over at the same time too like with Beth Terrell, Southwestern jewellery, Centigrade, Markon etc etc. I have noticed the same lines being sold year after year and the styles never change much at all.
I bought a pair of Markon boots 3 years ago and they are still selling the same ones. I am sick of leather and faux sheepskin stuff and ruffles, quacker stuff, Laura Geller and Kim and co now. I did enjoy some of the things on Autumn fashion day but its way too samey and I wish they started selling or designing better and more modern lines. Those Faux Shearling coats maybe faux but the styles are so 2004 and as for wearing lambs leather :mad:
I agree with you on this the Yanks haven't got a clue what we want and I am sick of it. I was in Florida some years ago and the clothes in the stores then were laughable and it seems nothing has changed.
the americans are way behind us over here, clothes, hairstyles, should have more uk designers,
I don't get it either, I was never raised to be fashion or looks concious but even I new that the USA fashion was at least 2-5 years behind ours and Europes, so to be getting fashion by USA is pushing us back in time.
I think it is QVC America the parent company who decide which brands we get.
Even alot of the jewellery designs are set by QVC America and really dated looking in ring designs etc. Think they have a set idea of what their customers buy over there and just send it over to us thinking oh they will buy it too.

Strangely they don't do Kim & Co.

Quacker Factory is down right scary.
I had a top i got on ebay direct from USA about 7 years ago which was quacker and it had embroidered cats all over it and was beautiful. Thing was, the woman who sold it to me was also selling the same stuff that was on qvc the other day and this was like 7 years ago now and so it shows just how dated it really is :eek:
I did have a look on QVCUSA last night at the fashion and shoes and they were hideous to say the least :confused::eek::eek:

I got my southwestern tsv and its very sweet but very dull and too tiny so its going back as i really do not think that its worth the amount of money to be honest.
I have packaged 4 items up to post back next week now as i am just so disappointed with the actual value for what they are. Im very impressed with the last Elemis and Decleor tsv though.
Pinkearplugs, I totally agree with you on the Fashion Front (Clothing) but you mention Laura Geller, (Cosmetics), I am a fan of this range and find it good quality IMHO, as do many others on the Forum (Balance & Brighten) as one example only...........
Oh i like spackle too but i think that a lot of it is overpriced compared to the sites in USA. I must admit that im a huge fan of Decleor and Elemis but i do think that a lot of make up it is made in China and so no better than cheaper brands.:confused:
I think it depends on where you shop in the USA - certainly in cities like NY and Chicago you can find some amazing clothes. QVC mainly seem to sell clothes that are decades out of fashion and more 'trailer' than on-trend IMO.
I think their clothes are aimed at "middle America", ordinary women who live miles from a large city/town, don't keep up with fashion trends and who, frankly, have quite an old fashioned and conservative idea of what they should wear (which is fair enough, not knocking it). I can't blame QVCUS homing in on this market, because there must be millions of women falling into this category and a good percentage willing to buy by TV.

But, they appear to be applying this same formula to the UK. Clearly most women in the UK have completely different tastes, its easier to get into town where there are good clothes shops, loads of magazines show us what is "in" etc.

They need to have a better understanding of the differing markets.

Unless to them, the QVCUK sales are such a small percentage of their over all sales income (given the much smaller population) that they don't feel the expense of sourcing different fashions is worth the investment.

You are totally correct on this Ericsmum - I think you have expressed all the points about this issue perfectly.
So do i but the UK is not Oklahoma and we need a better and wider range than this current crap on offer . ;)
I have to echo Jabbathehuts thoughts. I do not understand how half of these lines can be labelled as fashion, they are just clothing. I don't think it is just the overseas stuff either, what is that Casual & Co rubbish all about ? Come on Mr alledged expert Glen, say it how it is - it is a load of old tat. (Well thats me out of my pram !!!)

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