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I just had a look and they have some new stuff "warmspun" and Bradley by Bradley Bayou and guess what folks ? More flipping Lambs Leather !
QVC seem obsessed with Leather coats and faux shearling etc and I wont be tuning in to that rubbish or Susan Graver and Alice Collins . Hardly fashionable gear :rolleyes:
I'm hoping for a nice sequinned kaftan with a few frills and a bit of animal print - something subtle but stylish.
More imported dead animal skins from some poor beast thats been slaughtered in Shanghi . These Yank brands are crazy about animal skins. I have shoes and boots in leather but they are not even warm ! Just looked at Alice Collins rigouts and omg they are like some old fashioned crimplene jobs :11: They dont seem interested in what the customer wants lately. This pile of sh.te is just awful and along with Kim and Michelle and now Alice and Bradley, I think its all tat :20: No doubt some will think im too outspoken but its only my opinion here and I wouldnt wear any of it !
What about bringing us some more en vogue brands instead of all this lace and crinkled fabric and animal skins QVC ?
I'm always 'on trend', me. I'm known for wearing a trouser with a white tee-shirt and a little jacket, but I like to add a little something to reflect my perky (if not pinky) personality. I don't think you can go wrong with 'this season's story' of a Michelle Hope(less) crochet knit merkin with 'a tassel', worn with a slim 'n' lift and finished with a pair of breezies on the head. Of course, not everyone could get away with this look, so far only Keith Chegwin seems to have followed my lead.
Bang on trend on a budget. Has he anything cheap in nylon? I don't mind the chafing if the colour and cut are 'the story'.
True, and when the material starts sparking it can be a tad worrying...

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