Elitech electricals - how do you get spares?


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:hi:I was bought an Elitech 1800w vaccuum cleaner by my niece from bid.tv and the corrugated hose that attaches to the vaccuum cleaner has split apart after a year. I rang bid.tv to find out how to get spares and apparently as I did not purchase it from them they are not allowed to give me that information. :headbang: My niece is abroad at present so I cannot get any help from her.

I have tried to find spares in shops and on the internet with no joy. According to what I have found on the internet bid.tv are the only suppliers of Elitech Electrical items.

So please does anyone know how to find spares for Elitech items?

If no-one here does then I give a warning - do not buy Elitech Electrical items from bid.tv for anyone! Customer service is dead and buried there :emo:
Have you checked your instructions leaflet?
I needed a new filter for a kettle and found phone no. there.
The no. was in Ireland but have not got it any more as it was cheaper to buy a new kettle than order spare part from them.

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