Elemis TSV - 14/12/08


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Jun 24, 2008
Just to let you know there is an Elemis TSV on Sunday 7th December.
Is that the new Exoctic Frangipani Monoi Bath and Shower Gel in the middle?

I also see The Beauty Room are now selling Elemis.

I think it is FA. I wonder what it smells like ?

I didn't know that The Beauty Room sold Elemis - thanks for that.
When Keeley mentioned the new shower cream she said it smelled exactly like the Frangipani Monoi melt. I like the look of this TSV,lets hope it comes down in price from £48 eh. Linda
Looks beautiful & if the shower cream is anything like the monoi melt then I just have to go for it.
The smell is divine :59:
With the date this is being shown I assume that this is the replacement for the Molton Brown Xmas TSV.

I really want that shower gel, but I just don't need any of the rest of it...

Thanks for the detctive work, guys! :D
cant do this elemis tsv too much skincare and this is the only brand in history that gives me acne in my forties. stay well clear of elemis now. i think the showercream is available for around £17 and its a nice size to.
That item number isn't coming up on the website. Does any one know what size the tub of PCMC is.
Thanks for the info - will def be getting 1 or 2 of these !! I have the shower cream & its lovely - smells exactly like the monoi melt

It looks like the 30ml tube Valm -would be worth £48 if we were able to buy it seperately. HTH Linda

May splurge then - need to check how my stockpile of PCMC from the Instyle mags is doing. It seems the kit is woth it for this alone.
Someone told me you could put the Monoi Melt in your hair ... anyone done that? if so, what do you do? Rub it into the hair - or into your scalp? Do you leave it on over night (messy pillow?!) or wash it off after a certain amount of time?

Looks quite tempting this TSV ...!
Keeley says she loves it to condition her curls. I use it as an intensive conditioner much like the Ojon mask - i leave it in for as long as i am able and then wash it out - gives my hair a lovely conditioned shine and smells devine. Its great for feet and hands too - the oil is great for nails and dry heels.I always rinse it out of my hair with my Ojon shampoo. Linda

Just looked on QVC and it looks like the Elemis TSV is now a week later on the 14th of December.

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