Elemis Professional Facial Mitts Back in Stock


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Jun 24, 2008
these sold out very quickly last time and i know people missed out on them

and i`ve just noticed they are back in stock

Elemis Professional Facial Mitts
Item Number: 227938
QVC Price £19.00
Availability In stock
UK P&P £3.95

Treat yourself to the full professional facial experience with this set of four professional facial mitts from Elemis. The gloves are made from soft towelling and can be used with cleansers, masks and for removing make-up. They are suitable for all skin types and machine washable.

Elemis mitts on the way...

having been on waitlist for what seems like an eternity, I got an e-mail this morning telling me they are on the way, finally! Course now that I've been on this forum I know to check them thoroughly when they arrive to make sure they weren't 'previously loved'!! :cheeky: We all know the waitlist stories....

already ordered :wink2:

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Ordered mine!

I have ordered this set - I didn't see it on air, but it looks fab. Thanks SCW.


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