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Mar 7, 2009
Hi all!
Yes, newbie here, looked at several forums, this one seemed to be the 'fun side of the island' so.....!
Like: Various beauty products (Liz Earle, Clientele etc.) & random electronic gadgets plus watching late night shows when I can't sleep & scampering off to read (& occasionally cruelly snigger at!) the relevant reviews for them!
Dislike: duller than ditchwater TSVs, excessive pillow plumping & stroking, grinning presenters being asked yet again for a piccy of themselves from starstruck Ethel from Hull (or wherever!) & OTT gushing for what it is clearly a complete piece of tat (unless your IQ is less than your height in inches that is!)!
Why thank you fairynuff!
Some interesting threads on these boards actually, as well as some very amusing ones!
Am relieved to hear that, much as I love QVC, it's not just me after all that's sometimes sits there thinking 'You whaaat?' or 'You have to be kidding!' or 'How much!?!' or just 'For heaven's sake, will you just stop doing that!' :1:
Thank you also supercoolwillow & Huggles!
Hope to maybe be of some use too perhaps, always happy to share my experiences of using or testing something! (Currently trying out the Estro-Lift range!)
Got to go & do shopping soon (gah!) & still haven't managed to catch this new presenter Daniel, so far managing to miss every single hour he's been on! (Mind you, from current reports, sounds less like you'd want to catch him, more something you'd want to be vaccinated against! lol)
Hi Kitten with claws Hope you enjoy your stay here. Everyone on this forum is lovely and friendly xxxxxxxxx
Hi and welcome kitten with claws. This is a great forum and I know you'll enjoy being a member. :)
Thank you all for such an extremely friendly welcome!

it is a very addictive, very funny, very supportive forum
Only drawback........ your credit card could be in danger lol

Sadly, my credit card spends most of its life quivering in terror, not only do I love tv shopping but I am also horribly addicted to a well-known online shopping site! (Postman knocks on the door so often, we're virtually on first name terms!)

Course, I s'pose 'tis even worse if people keep recommending things, eventually you just have to try them too! (I'd love to try the SC range but is quite scarily expensive for the sizes stated & if the 3 girls wanted to try it too, it would be financially quite terrifying!) :11:
Thank you all I am also horribly addicted to a well-known online shopping site! (Postman knocks on the door so often, we're virtually on first name terms!)

Me too re the addiction :32:
I am on first name terms with my parcel postie who even knows when I'm likely to be in and seems to adjust his round so he can catch me at home lol!!

I'm also lucky in that my neighbour will take in anything too bless her!!

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