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Sep 28, 2008
Poole, Dorset
i got an email with a easy pay code this morning, i wont be useing it, not sure if its uniqe to me or if any one else can use it but here it is if any one want to use it :1:


Dear Emma,

From Good Friday (10th April) right through to Easter Monday (13th April) we'll be treating you to a great range of special prices and features on our website, www.qvcuk.com. For a special Easter treat, QVC is offering you Easy Pay on Request on any item you buy this weekend - enter your promotional code at the checkout and pay for your order in three easy instalments
I just received that email as well, with the same promo code EAE149
All I got from QVC was a AY beauty information email.

Don't really care as nothing appeals to me this weekend on Q.

The code works for all items in stock, not just those on this weekends tv shows
I surprisingly received one too.

I'm off to order several of last nights diamond creations.

I never get these emails for easy pay -- not that there is anything I really want this weekend but thats not the point:17:
I am totally shocked - I have actually received one! First time in over three years shopping with QVC I have ever received anything. Is it something to do with the fact that I haven't ordered anything for a month from them? I seem to find more on Ebay these days:)
I have received one. I hadn't realised it was for anything, I thought it was for on the air stuff so thank you for pointing that out. xx
Me too, I am now wondering about past emails I have received!!! Did I not bother to read them properly!
I got one too - it is interesting as in the first bit it says item and at the end it says items - so I think it can be used once only for as many items (not sure what the limit is). Anyone know any different?
Not sure whether I do want anything - although Jabba has been very persuasive re Sarah Chapman .... and in the interests of research etc.......
I got one too, same code, so it must be a generic one, so if anyone does see something they fancy, we can all use it :eek:)

Happy Easter everyone!! :eek:)
I received one too with the generic code everyone else has.
Sunday's TSV might prove tempting but it's for another camera.
How many camera does QVC think we need?

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