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Jul 8, 2008
Norn Iron
Hi all

There's a pair of 9 ct gold earrings that caught my eye a while ago and they received good reviews. Then today, while having a little nosey, I came across what looks like an almost identical pair in 14 ct gold which are only about £6 more expensive than the 9 ct ones but would seem a better investment. However, noone has reviewed them yet and I'm wondering if they have only recently been put on. Of course, I shouldn't even be considering buying anything at the moment but I keep telling myself that they would be something I could pass on to my nieces eventually. In other words, that would be my excuse for purchasing.

Don't really know what I'm asking about. In my mind I think I would go for the 14 ct - they do look almost the same and I think there is only 1 mm difference in the size.

Any comments would be welcome.

PS: What about Rachelle's latest post about Markon boots?????
I would go for 14 c as they have a nice shine to the gold and I have several pairs of Honora pearl earrings in the 14 ct whats the item number Feline ?

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