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Addicted to bling
Aug 2, 2009
Hi all, I'm new to the forum having only actually found it today! I've been a gems customer since March this year and am now an addict! I started watching it when they were on Freeview and was gutted when they stopped, and now have to watch/snatch on line.

I have recently received a pair of marcasite and black onyx earrings which frankly looked a lot nicer on screen than they do in reality. Although it is very difficult to tell whether they do sparkle or not through two plastic bags. I can't make up my mind whether to open them and take the chance that they will be nice or whether to send them back. I'm erring towards sending them back. Surely Gems TV can find a better method of sending out earrings? Why do they need to be double bagged - surely just one bag can be sealed??
Hi Greenie and welcome to the forum x yes we all get annoyed with the earring bags its a pain and they must have alot of returns due to the fact people can't inspect them properly!
To be honest if you are unsure it would be best to return them on this occasion, i'm sure another pair will take your fancy soon x
maybe they should just send you 1 earring and the other once you approve.. lol.
Totally agree Greenie and welcome to the forum! :hi:

I had a long pair of long dangly earrings delivered last week and I couldn't see a thing! Needless to say, they went back! GemsTV must lose so much custom because of this. There's got to be another answer. I have no idea what it is but other companies do it so surely Gems could? I guess it all comes down to cost though doesn't it?

Just for info, Marcasite is naturally sparkly (in a grey/silver sort of way). They look best under electric or sunlight. If they're not sparkling through the back at night under your kitchen/bathroom lights then don't take the risk .... send them back.
yes me too, as we speak i have a pair of mintabie opal earrings, and thats even worse to try and get an idea of how they look, the flashes are dimmed by the plastic and they dont perform as i know they will without the packaging. I thought in the past i had a pair that was just in a single bag... (can anybody verify this)?
Welcome Greenie, I'm very new to the forum too, but a longstanding customer of Gems.
Have to agree with you about the packaging on earrings, it's dire isn't it. I'm a bit of an earring fan and have purchased loads but can't believe they haven't been able to devise a different way of sending earrings out, especially now when they attach them to a card of black plastic as well-making it hopeless to appreciate the colour on darker stones!
If you're in doubt I would return them but that really depends on how much you paid for them or whether you think it's worth taking the risk and chalking it up to experience. Personally I think you can buy silver earrings with marcasite on the high street quite competitively priced without P&P charges but that might depend on whereabouts you live. By the way, if you do return them don't spend £5.50 on RMSD just use recorded delivery- I've never had a problem with it. Hope you make a decision your'e happy with and happy shopping and forum-ing!
I don't buy earrings so cannot contribute, just wanted to say welcome to Greenie xxxx
Hi suzyglam, yes you're right - they are sometimes sent out in only one bag but are usually on a card or only one earring is showing in the larger bag with the other completely folded small inside it- bizarre really. As other people have said, I have returned many because I can't see them properly. Perhaps they think people will open them anyway and so its a firm sale!
Hi Greenie, welcome to the forum! :wave2:

Havn't tried the earrings through bags trick yet, I'll get to play that game next week, having stashed some in my basket this weekend in the 'meltdown' , but if when they arrive, I can't see them - then back they will go .... :grin:
Hi Greenie, and welcome - you won't be green for long!

If you love the design, my inclination in this case would be NOT to send them back - Gems' marcasite is entirely consistent and high quality and always sparkles (whether visible through the stupid bag or not).

Personally, I don't see why they can't just let customers try on the wretched earrings, and then sterilise them with an alcohol wipe. If this sounds radical, it's what a lot of jewellery stores in the US do, and I'm sure if there was a health risk, they wouldn't dare risk being sued over there.
Welcome Greenie. Beware! Once you start reading this forum and looking at everyone's purchases, you'll probably end up buying things that maybe you wouldn't have thought of before.

Have you decided whether to send back your earrings or not yet? I just sent back a pair of green tourmaline earrings this morning. I most likely would have kept them if I could have seen them properly. It's hard to check the gemstone with a loupe through the plastic bag! They were just too expensive to risk it, so back they went. I've also had to keep earrings that look nice in the bag but look terrible when they're on. But by then it's too late. QVC allow you to try on earrings and return them. I wish Gems would do the same.
Thanks for all your good wishes and replies. I think I will return my earrings and don’t think I will be ordering any more earrings.

I’m going to enjoy it on here! Thank goodness for tabbed windows – I can write on the forum and have Gems TV live running at the same time so that I don’t miss anything! :grin:

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