Don't Change That Rubber Paul ! !


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Loen gave Paul the chef :pB: a lovely grin today when he was demoing a pressure cooker and said remember when we used to have to change our rubbers ? :D would love a drink with that girl she seems a lot of fun :)
I saw that too very funny it was i could watch Loen sell any old crap as her humor tickles me evertime.
She's brilliant! She doesn't take herself seriously and sails perilously close to not taking IW seriously sometimes too! She's the main reason I watch.
I'm with you guys, Loen is the only IW presenter who can keep my low boredom threshold at bay for longer than three minutes. I'm not sure if this word is acceptable on the site but I'll take me chances - she's "normal".
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Yes Loen is great, I love it when she goes off topic and they keep telling her off in her ear and she lets everyone know!

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