Does anyone know where Claudia's purple dress is from?


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It would have been better it had fitted correctly. She kept pulling it up, so it did not fit properly. I watch Gok and she needed a good bra under it.

Claudia does not wear cheap stuff. You should email her at QVC and ask.
It's probably cheaper than the jewellery, is the couture range for giants?:grin:

Like Ali's dress - not that I could where it anywhere!:giggle:

My God, yeah....the necklaces were massive!!!! and as striking and stunning as some of them were you could only wear them on special occassions. There was an enormous white garland of flowers which must have felt as though you had a ten ton weight around your neck, and there was a beautiful brooch, but that cost more than any dress I've got in my wardrobe! Then Claudia suggested that you bung it in the back of your hair....Good grief..if I was going to spend £80 plus p&p on a bit of costume jewellery, I'd at least want to see it myself when I was wearing it!
The material was similar to Simons shirt perhaps they had them made. I thought it looked awful I did not like it at all.
She does wear some Frank Usher dresses from time to time. But whether this was one of them I have no idea. Claudia does appear to wear very classy (ie expensive) clothes, but she wears them well. Mind you she would probably wear a black bin liner well!
i think the answer to that question is "no" and that not many people liked it.

I thought it was more that not many people liked it on her rather than they didn't like the dress itself!

Theres a big difference, I like lots of dresses, but most would look riddiculous on me. lol

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