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Jun 24, 2008
Do you remember when Gems used to sell pieces like this for about £19?

I don't watch Gems these days but doing my usual channel hopping I happened to turn over when this piece was on. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw they were asking £79 for it!! It's even more expensive in their shop at £109.79!! It's silver and had a carat weight of 1.271 made up of loads of tiny stones. Where the heck do they get these crazy prices from? TJC can sell far superior pieces to this at a fraction of the price.


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I know their silver pieces have gone through the roof, i must admit i didn't shop with them for a very long time and was drawn back in July with discounts and ultra clearance prices where admittedly i bought a beautiful TP set and whilst viewing got drawn in to Demantoid garnet and sapphire hours and also bought those but now its all over i think its all gone bump!
I personally don't buy/wear silver and they show so much now i just have lost interest and if its not that its chains or topaz haven't watched for weeks again now and when i did flick around the other day heard Matt say he was leaving :( i just gems are going down again!
Rather glad I didn't see that piece, Klos, don't like it! Wouldn't want it at any price. :sad:
Certainly not one of their better designs....imho!

I was griping about this the other day, i saw a ring, multi gem, looked like a whelk shell! lol it was extoriant! and another ring which was the size of a tea plate, it was a disc ring, multi gem and over £100. I have seen that Peacock and flamingo thing - not to my taste! I have noticed today on the web, they have a lot of silver jewellery with mother of pearl most under £40.00 - but yes, on the whole, gone are the days where you got a piece for a good price, you either have to wait for their meltdowns or ultra clearances!! Some of it i would give 10p for!! lol specially that ruby and yellow sapphire ring i saw a few months ago, that was a fortune, and hideous beyond all reason, it still makes me shudder when i recall the image! lol xxxxxx
Couldn't agree with your sentiments more..have to really wade through some stunners to get anything decent! Do you think their designers all graduated from the 'Danny La Rue' school of OTT jewellery?! :grin:
was watching today, and there was a bangle set, i cant remember who was presenting (think it was Vicki) the bangle set was presented as 3 solid silver bangles, but in different colours - why because two are plated, one in rose gold, and the other yellow gold - and hall marked? all i saw was the normal 925 mark and a gemstv heart - i thought hallmarking was for example the date stamp for 2009, and either a lion, anchor(or the thingy for birmingham, i cant remember which one it is) I didnt know a loveheart was considered to be a hallmark? or is that just me? Anyway I dont understand why they have to mess about with the silver and plate it, the rose gold option, looks really brassy. and thats just imoho. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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